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We’re back!

Did not take long, though was bit of a torture. M has been in real rare form these days, so the tantrums going 70mph down the highway made the 16 hour trek home a wee-bit treacherous. Not to mention my completely swollen tree-trunk-of-legs. The kids were eager…. once we had gotten all of the “to-do’s” done on the list, and made lists for the new adventures to come, they were eager to get back to daddy, summer, and beachin’ with friends. They really did encourage me to plunge right through hours and hours of driving at a time. I had to admit that one night in the car vs. two did sound much more appealing. Though, the M-factor did weight in quite heavily on this end-o-journey home.

We made it home by Thursday, which was amazing timing. We drove straight to SBJ’s work and surprised him. He had called the night before and thought because we were in Erie, PA that we would never make it home till Friday. Little did he realize we were only 7 hours out. So, we did make it Thursday, early evening and his jaw dropped when we walked into his work. He was pretty elated to see us all.

After even the very first night home, my smexy ankles began to return. Each night a little more rest accumulated and feeling way-back to my normal preggy self. Enjoying a lazy-summer schedule with eating later, staying up later, sleeping later. Lots of DIY projects going on and strolls to the local parks. Trying to get the Airbnb in a more “homey” shape for upcoming guests we have coming to stay. And eager to have our first beach day with friends. Hopefully this week…. weather permitting!! Sure feels like a very mild summer so far.

With all of that, feeling tons better, and such, makes me a wee-bit-bummed that we needed to return. Longing and wishing that we could still be about on our adventure, seeing the beautiful spots we’ve ventured to a lot longer than a skip-through. Wanting my cake-and-eat-it-too factor….. the preggy and the travel all working out copasetic. Why ‘o’ why can it not? Budget has it that we boondock or camp, and preggy-self has it we hotel-it.

It’s hard being back and having that itchy travel bug running all through me. Trying hard to concentrate on the here and now, and realize that a healthy preggy body is leading to a healthy freebirth. Far more important on the “want” list at the moment and sole concentration given to that foremost. Then we can enjoy the travel and body will be far more ‘game’ to agree after baby’s here.

In the meantime, lots of fun planning the next adventure, and enjoying the very end of this pregnancy. I am officially in the third trimester and the homestretch will fly by I am certain of that. We have one more camping trip with homeschool families coming up, and that’ll likely be the last outing we have before wee-one is on the scene. Hoping this mild summer warms up a bit so we can thoroughly enjoy the beach for the majority of the season.  We sure do love warmth and sunshine!


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