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Here I GO

I just spent the last hour on Amazon ordering all of my books for the BWCE certification. Yipes! All have been purchased and will be on their way here really soon! I then will sit down and fill out my application to be initiated into the program. Each step a bit scarier than the next. But SO exciting I can’t wait. I am very eager to embark on this adventure and hope that certification moves along swiftly and quickly. I would love to be teaching sooner vs later. I have also been checking out various lactation certification processes and programs. I, of course, still weigh the doula position heavily in my heart. Right now, it seems impossible to envision. I would absolutely love the roll as a CD, but the time away from family can be really hard. I suppose when the kids are older this is something that could feel more like a reality to me. But as for now, I am thrilled to contribute by educating, and hopefully also as a lactation consultant. That process, however, seems even longer than educating, but something that I’m really passionate about and feel that I could help tremendously. At any rate…. just a quick report that the books are on their way and I’m so eager to get this ball rolling!

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