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Henna belly!

Today was such a fun day catching up with Aunt Jess! She was in town this week and we got a full day all to ourselves. We drove of this AM to pick up a Subway lunch and Jess in north Evanston and shoot over to NUG beach day. Fun that the kids got to catch up with friends, we all enjoyed an amazing beach day weather, yummy lunch, and great sand time with her. Lots of chatting and catching up. SBJ made an amazing Chew dinner!! And my SIL did an amazing henna job on my last pregnant belly! She’s done all 4 pregnancies now! And it was just incredibly special that she was in town and able to do this one (since my brother so rudely dragged her out to CA to live some time ago! ; )

The kids got their fun outside/play time with Aunt Jess and it was just a super special day for all of us! Glad she could make it out, and super special she had that much time to spend with us!

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