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Happy New Year! – Nakita Baby
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Happy New Year!

We have been fun and busy lately! It was a rush to the end, but always well worth it. Leading right up to xmas we were wrapping, cooking and baking and excited about the upcoming holidays. Xmas eve was hosting at our place. Mom, brother and his wife came by for a nice dinner and fun with the kids.

Xmas day we opened Santa’s presents and only had a brief time to enjoy before we needed to rush off to dad’s place. Lots of people gathered there. Some we had not seen since last xmas. And even “great” grandma (to the kids… my grandmother) came up from Florida to visit for the holidays! It was a treat to have her here!

The kids made out like bandits of course. Lots of fun goodies… and a hamster to boote! Yes, we have a new family member. Grandpa bought “Noel” for them for xmas and she is the cutest little rodent I’ve ever seen. We have thoroughly enjoyed having her here!

And of course this was S’s FIRST CHRISTMAS! ; )
He scored this adorable little ride-on toy and man did he really really love this toy!

And of course, the traditional photo pose that I have for the other two on their first xmas’…. but Shea did not want to wear the hat for me ; )

Ringing in the new year, the kids passed out asleep and SBJ and I watching a movie. In fact, loved the movie so much that we nearly passed the new year completely. If we had not heard fireworks, we may not have even acknowledged it! ; )

Since then, we’ve been visiting Great Grandma while she’s been here. She’s heading back to Florida soon.

Activities are just starting back up again this week and next week. So it’s been a nice little break from the regular, and back to that and more! The kids are signed up for some great things this session and hope they enjoy it all! K will be doing a “MacSith” and clowing class (aka drama and theater type stuff), and possibly Clay class (yet to be confirmed by him). D will be skating and doing PeeWee Drama…. and S is enrolled in music class with me! ; ) Aside, we will be attending open gyms galore and storytimes at the library…. it will be busy but great in these winter months when we are desperate for things to do!

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