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Happy Birthday Boober – Nakita Baby
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Happy Birthday Boober

It’s official… a full 12 months has past and he’s a full year old! I truly can’t fathom how this year just flew right by us. It feels like just yesterday that I was stressing about the colicy-ness of his first 2 months, and then watching him cruise around by 4 months, and waddling around by 11 months. He’s just a super cool dude. No joke. He’s completely his own person with an amazing personality. So incredibly sweet and tolerant, loving and playful. You know each baby has given me a gift in my life as a mother. Taught be valuable life lessons as mother. And for this I am just so entirely grateful, lucky and blessed for each of their presence in my life. S’s gift to me was teaching me to ‘let go’ and ‘give up’ and ‘relax’!!! I call him my little tornado. He flies through this house inquisitive about absolutely everything. And as much as I love to have things kind kept up and in some sort of ‘order’, with S in our lives this is impossible. And I have just had to learn to be OK with this. Our home is always a mess, and I have had to deep breath through that and just let it go. Life is far more enjoyable when I don’t worry about this stuff, and man…. it feels really good. Aside, he has taught me to never take anything (at all) for granted. I constantly joke that with him, I feel like a first time mom all over again. I even joked with our pediatrician the other day that people may not even realize that he is my third baby! He has been a whole new adventure and it’s been a wild ride. He is such a little blessing.

His latest achievements…. well, I mentioned the walking thing. He’s cruisin’ everywhere and just loves that he’s mobile with his big bro and sis. He’s quite the music lover and really gets his groove on when he hears a tune or beat that gets his hiney wiggling. He’s so an on-the-go kinda guy…. loves and adventure, the outdoors, car ride, park, etc. He almost never naps and next-to-never is easy to persuade to sleep (I’m just shocked that a 12 month old could easily go without a nap in any random given day). He started eating very very early and since seems to have slowed up on the solid foods and loves nursing more. I have to admit that I was worried he’d stop nursing pretty early on b/c the food-thing was pretty serious for while. Hmmm…. he says a few ‘starts’ of words, but mostly if prompted and not really intentionally. If asked he’ll give you a ‘ba’ for bada (nursing) and then ‘ma’ for mommy… occassionally he’ll bust out a “eye” which is both hi and bye! ; ) Way too cute. Four teeth on top, two teeth on the bottom, and lot’s of bumby suggestions that more are ready to poke out really soon.

B-day was spent at home this time around. Grandpa came over and played during the day, fed him a nice lunch and blew out a b-day candle. And then Grandma came later in the evening for dinner and another b-day cake/candle. It was a really nice day and he really got into it. The “happy birthday” song was playing on some TV show the other day and he stopped everything to run and check it out. He seemed certain he was going to hear his name and listened quite intently, even had the little boogy sway going on.

We love you Boober. You are the coolest little dude around!

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