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Happy Birthday “Big D”!

She’s had a pretty big month! First we had ‘caved’ and bought the birthday bike early b/c we ha been having such awesome weather, we just could not wait till the end of the month!!!

Then… a Chucky-Cheese birthday with Uncle P and Aunt J b/c they were taking off for Asia before the big day! So they wanted to celebrate with her early…

Then…. she had a fun party with Grandpa which included a viewing of the new movie Speedracer in the theater (I’d recommend waiting for the dvd = ) And then lunch out and about. It was a fun afternoon! And then finally, she had “the” day celebrated with us and Grandma at Leona’s. Was quite a pleasant afternoon despite her just getting over a roaring ear infection and not being up to tip-top speed. But she seemed to enjoy!

And then….
The big “S” man is 5 weeks old today! He’s been growing amazingly fast. Has turned over already!!! And a nursing-mania-little-man! Everyone is so over-the-top in love! = )

And other fun stuff going on is tracing Uncle P and Aunt J’s travels all over the world!

And of course we can not forget the recent karate-kid’s belt test! We have now advanced to the green stripe!

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