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Growth Spurts!

Yippers! I mean seriously… don’t they know how painful it is to a mama when they ALL grow at the very same time! This past, hmmm…. maybe 1-2 weeks has proven to be a huge spurt for absolutely everyone! K has grown a couple of inches easily, his body broaden, and I see the pre-teen body setting in. It’s frightening really. His developmental stage has also flourished in front of my eyes! So much going on and trying to absorb this all right here and now! (I really don’t know how parents who spend so much time away from their kids can handle how quickly time flies!) Being homeschoolers and having the privilege of being with them 24/7 is something I will never take for granted. And even then I feel like time flies too fast for me to grapple.

D has also grown a couple of inches, but also changed emotionally quite a bit. There were times where absolutely everything sent her into a tissy, and lately, I have seen huge developments there! I see her more composed and a bit more rational : ) Funny to put that into words, but really, there were times we’d be stuck at the door, on the way out, b/c someone was having a tissy over her shoes. It’s such a pleasure and enlightenment really to not have such things happen as much! I would not brave it to say it’s a phase long-gone, but I will proudly say that I love and cherish the maturity she’s shown lately that avoid these “lovely” fits we’ve had for months past! She is quite the lil’ mama’s helper, and is so awesome with her siblings. She’s having quite a bit of battle with her older brother lately, but I have high hopes that too shall pass. It’s hard to really pinpoint what/why she reacts to him the way she has been lately. She will say something pretty negative and mean about K and it’s quite hurtful to him when he hears it. I always wonder if she’s upset with him and the lack of attention she’s getting from him at that point in time, or if she’s just looking for someone to bug and knows how to push his buttons. At any rate, I’m hopeful this is just one of those things that will pass, as this evening was truly remarkable to see K, D and S all playing a game together in the bedroom for over an hour and NO ONE was hurt, upset or angry! Well, ok, once or twice someone got hurt by being smacked in a pillow fight, BUT they all handled it in the bedroom and no one came out to me or SBJ to complain about it! So it was really heart-warming to see that still exists! : )

S has gone from this pixie lil 2 y/o to a solid mass 3 y/o…. Of course, no b-day just yet, but just the solidity of his body mass has changed so much it’s amazing to see! He’s quite the independent busy-body. Today he was wandering around with a knife telling me that he was going to carve his pumpkin. How the heck he even knew what that entailed, and how to go about it is amazing to me. I simply can’t recall him ever seeing this being done before, but he knew… He climbed up to the table and went to work on it! Pretty funny. He is like that with just about everything and anything HE wants. Yes, notice the “HE wants”. When he doesn’t, he just doesn’t. And that’s the way it rolls with him : ) He’s a big eater, big talker, and big doer. Lil’ man.

M…. 2 weeks already! I’ve said it before, and will say it again. It’s as if she’s always been…. And sometimes I can’t believe “already” 2 weeks? And sometimes I think “only” 2 weeks? She’s a lil’ peach. Eats great, sleeps great. Rolls with everything. The car actually soothes her to sleep!!! She smiles like mad at her sibling and that warms a mama’s heart! Of course, I don’t mind those smiles at me either : ) But yes… to see her in love with her siblings already is so so amazing to me. She seems like she’s even had a spurt in the last week. She seems longer to me. She’s still a little pixie to me. Long thin fingers and toes. Lean (floppy : ) body. Her skin is remarkable, hair still a bit sparse as for as J-babies go : ) I’ve noticed she is getting used to people snugglin’ with her b/c she prefers to sleep with other close by. When we all go to sit at the table to eat or something, she will awake if left on the couch. Very sweet. Does not want to miss out on anything… even if she’s asleep though the whole thing! In bed at night, I swear she is migrating towards me through the night. She is a huge dreamer. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that before, but oh it is so much fun to just sit and watch her sleep! She has so many noises and facial expressions. She just loves her sleep! Overall, perfect way to end the baby-bearing years!!!

This past week was pretty busy. Monday and Tuesday the typical craziness of class days. Wed. K had a special outing with G’pa and had an incredible blast! G’pa took him golfing for his very first time and K truly fell in love. He said he had the best time ever with G’pa that evening! Thurs. we were fortunate enough to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in such a long time. Too much time really. It was great to reconnect and hope that not much more time will lapse before we see them again. Friday we had our family music class, which of course S says is “his” music class. The rest of us are just along for the ride : ) He is so in love with Ms. Leah, it’s awesome he has something all his own. K had a playdate at our home with a friend he adores, and later in the afternoon, we went to the Morton Grove Library to see How To Train Your Dragon. Such a great movie. It was fun to see it again on big screen again. OH! And it was SBJ and my 12 year anniversary! Yes! 12 years! Of course, we did not get to go out and celebrate, but we did enjoy our time together at home, and celebrated a bit with the kids. Saturday we headed out to a fall festival which was lots of fun. SBJ did an all-nighter the night before, catching up on school work, and so he needed some sleep. I took the kids out to our friend’s fall festival, and we had a really really nice time. Live music, food, kids art projects, hay ride, and hanging with friends. It was fun. Today, we started with marathon waffle making, and pumpkin carving! The first year they have actually wanted to CARVE pumpkins! Really really fun!!! D had a soccer picture day and game. She got her debut in the goal as goal keeper! She did awesome, and really seems to be falling in love with the sport. She is getting more comfortable, and understanding the game a bit more. It’s cool to see her grow in the sport and hopefully she’s excited to do another season in the spring!

Lots of pix to show off…..

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