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Gripes and Glories – Nakita Baby
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Gripes and Glories

Had you caught me earlier this week you would have found me in a fury over things that get me a stirring. Sunday was Easter. We don’t really ‘do’ Easter, but we had an amazing spring day as it was about 70 out and SUNNY! We did our usual morning at EHS and it is always lovely catching up with community there. We each really enjoy our growing friendships there and it’s such a lovely start to Sunday. The kids were begging to go to the beach, which overall, was an amazing adventure…. but here is where one of my gripes comes up.

We are on the beach, digging toes in sand, and soaking in the warmth of the sunshine. Kids are playing their games, whether they venture together or off on their own, we are each enjoying this wonderful day after a cloudy-spell. Minding our own business and soaking in the wonderful and a couple of women and their BIG dogs come walking down the beach. Now most sensible people who are on the beaches with their dogs have them on leashes. But there are just some moronic dog owners that don’t realize that not everyone in the world is a “dog-person!” There are some of us out here that will certainly tolerate dogs, and might ‘like’ dogs….. at a distance. But we don’t really like them all up in our business, and being that we don’t have pets, makes it even more complicated for some to be comfortable around dogs.

Now, most dog owners appreciate that simple fact. But there are just some people who are simply clueless. And it is *these* people who drive me up a wall! My kids will NEVER be comfortable around dogs because of *these* people. Every season, never fail, there is someone on the beach with their BIG dogs OFF OF THEIR LEASHES running rampant on the beach. The owner thinks “oh that’s cute, he wants to run around with the kids,” or “oh, look he’s trying to play.” UGH…. SPARE ME. Thank you moron for allowing your dog to chase my kid up the beach petrified. Thank you moron (dog owner) for laughing about it and shaming my child. Thank you moron (dog owner) for making my kids’ fear of dogs grow even more since the last experience.

This particular day, minding our own business a large dog runs up to S and is eye-height to him. S gets nervous and starts to pick up speed towards me, however, sure enough, the dog is excited by the speed and starts running and jumping all around him. He’s (S) is starting¬† to freak out even more. K is nearby and trying to get S away from the dog, and the dog grabs K’s stick and runs off. All the while the owner is laughing and joking around about her “cute” dog and thinks it’s hilarious that he “wants to play.” All the while, my kids are brunt of her laughter and feeling horrible and scared.

I kinda lost it on the lady. Here’s the blatant truth. I got up and walked after her yelling, “Excuse me!?” She looks back at me and says, “I’m getting the stick.” (As if I’m all that stinkin’ worried about the damn stick.) She brings it over and I reem, “It’s not all that funny. You find scaring the heck out of kids hilarious??” She was a bit dumbfounded. I could only hope it made an impression. I noticed when she and her friend got to the end of the beach they did not turn around and come back, instead climbed up the rocks and off the beach. I don’t know if made any impression at all, but I do wish that people with dogs (or those that don’t already know this)…. not everyone is a dog person!

So then the very next day, my gripe continues on because I had to take D to the doctor. She’s been having this bizarre acid reflux thing going on and I’m trying to figure out if it’s serious or not. Seems more-so to me as a mama, but ugh…. can’t get people to really help me figure that out just yet. At any rate, with the need to try to figure this out we went to our Dr. and have to say left outraged. This is a new Dr. for us. We’d had to leave our beloved Dr. after insurance changes during SBJ’s lay-off. When insurance changed…. so did Dr. So I’ve not been overly thrilled, and just really annoyed with her lack of any know-how AT ALL. This is the 3rd time I can count that I’ve asked for help from her and the 3rd time she’s failed. First 2 times were with M…. once when I brought her in for her eczema outbreak being really bad and Dr. did not even LOOK at the rashes! And the second time when I called (while being out of town with the kids) concerned that she might have an ear infection or something going on with M’s teething (because of a persistent fever) and Dr. said, “she sounds just fine.” So this time, it’s D, and D’s symptoms worsened (in my book) and we wanted to be sure that this was not very serious (or serious and we should do more). I had called the Friday before and the Dr. was not in the office. The receptionist scheduled a Monday appt for us and said that she’d have the Dr. call me that day. Dr. NEVER calls me back, but instead has her receptionist call back to let me know to go to the ER over the weekend if I was “that worried.” Nice.

Monday rolls around and we are going in to see her. She sits with us no more than 2 minutes. I explain how this is a reoccurance from last year and I was trying to figure out if this worse, if this was ok, or what we could do about this now. She simply looks at D, pokes at her belly, and then says, “she seems fine. You could go to a Gastroentinologist at Children’s.” And then proceeds to take a piece of paper and write down “Gastroeninologist, Children’s” on it and hands it to me. I look at her dumbfounded…. like, “are you kidding me?” written all of my face. She tries to say more like, “She’s healthy…. VERY healthy…. she’s CH—-” and then catches herself. Probably the look of death in my face, daring her to say the word chubby in front of beautiful daughter. If she had dared…. that would have been the end.

I walked out with D and got as far as the elevator when I push the button to the elevator and confusion turns to furry. I turn around, walk back into the office, past the reception desk and right into her office. “Um…. I’m sorry…. but I feel completely blown off.” She says, “Oh, yes, you did look pretty upset.” Uh…. yea! Duh. She basically admits to my face that she has NO clue and that if I wanted to get to the bottom of things I’d have to get some specialist help. Well…. on the one hand, I appreciate her honesty. On the other…. why the bleep did she wait all weekend, waste all of our time, and not even give us a call to discuss anything (at all), and then just blow us off after 2 minutes in her office??? I was kinda livid.


Moving forward through the week, things turn around. Well, frankly, I don’t hang on to these things for very long, so once they happen and their over, I’m onward and upward. I don’t feel that does anyone any good to hold and muster. So our week was instantly back in the green zone. We’ve had a really great week, and today the best! AJCW started up today…. our 6 week spring session with lots of new offerings and LOTS of new families! I’m super-duper psyched to see all of the new friends who came out to enjoy the day with us. The new classes went swimmingly and everyone had a blast! I just feel so lucky to have such an awesome partner to run AJCW with and blessed that the homeschooling community is loving what AJCW has to offer! It’s such a promising sign to see that people really do want a collective community that cherishes all. Yeah! Looking forward to next Thursday already!

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