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A really nice day marking a nice Thanksgiving, a 2 month old ‘birthday’, and an early celebration of SBJ’s 43rd birthday. Well… at least that’s how old his birth certificate tells us, but we don’t know for sure just how old he is! ; )

Thanksgiving was a lovely feast prepared by mom. G’ma Marj moved back up here from FL this week and joined us in our gathering. And both my brothers were present. Unusual, but true… both in the same room at the same time. It was nice. Nice to have a full table, and really nice to see those we next to never get to see. I think I may have found it a bit tough to engage myself a bit, and that stems back to hmmm….. feelings I suppose I harbor. But, eh, oh well… it was a great day with family, and thoroughly enjoyed with the kiddos and SBJ.

Interesting couple of incidences where SBJ stood up to family members and even as a unite front. It was a precious moment for me, and really cherish those moments. Things stated that unite us firmly and I really appreciated his gumption. He usually is quite quiet at family gatherings, and he was just not so this evening. I really loved that. Likewise, while being a few min’s late to work this evening stated that this precious few moments was worth more to him than racing off to work. Ahhh…. words that will resonate with me for a long time b/c this schedule has been really tough to bare on all fronts. It was lovely to hear that from him.

Ahh…. and M is officially 2 months old today! I don’t have ‘official stats’ but could presume she’s about 15-16 lbs by now, and probably at least 24-25 inches long. She goes for her baby check next week, so I’ll see how close my guess has come. She just an awesome lil’ bundle. I have stated before, and can still hold strong, to the fact that she is just insanely precious. She is so even-keel. The best demeanor ever. She never cries…. literally. Well, ok, we have heard her cry, but at times when I just really could not get to her… and really she gives you lots and lots of warning of what she needs, so if you don’t listen for a *long* time, then you will hear a cry. That’s my fault when it happens b/c she’s ‘told’ me several times before/leading up to that whimper.

She’s a little chatty-cathy. She will look at you and coo and chitter. She makes all sorts of LOVELY sighs and noises that just melt your heart. She has lots to say, and you can see that she just wants to jump up and play with her siblings. When the (3) are jumping around the living room playing some sort of game, she will watch them and just flail them arms and legs. She gets very excited and is eager to figure out how to move and join in the fun!!! She loves to smile. And often if you get her going/smiling, and she is in her chatty/cooing mood, she will even let out little giggles if you chat back with her. Get a little conversation going and she’s right there with you, giggling up a storm. She’s got 2 of the cutest dimples on them pudgy lil’ cheeks. She has really become a solid rolly baby, which for me… is just icing on the cake. Who does not love them lil’ pudgers (meaty thighs) and chunky cheeks!? Ugh… to die for.

She’s a super solid eater (of course! : ) and a fantabulous sleeper! She’s been much more alert during the day, and I see some sort of routine forming with her daytime napping, though not 100% solidified yet, it’s forming! And her nighttime has been forming pretty great too. She will most often go to sleep with the other 3 and then sleep a hefty chunk of time. She will wake sometime around 4am or later to nurse, and sleep another great chunk before up for the morning. It’s been so nice on me… well, at least when I get myself to sleep early enough to enjoy it!

Her sibilings are totally and utterly in love with her. It’s just so cool for a mama to see and feel that kind of love with her kids. The last week or so (since the day after K’s last show night) they have had colds. K got his last Friday, and about 2-3 days later he was feeling better and D got it, and then just a day later S got it. It’s been SOOOO hard to keep them at a distance from her. They just want to snuggle with her and hug on her, play with her, hold her! I absolutely hate to have them keep their distance, but was really quite frightened that she would get a cold so early on. So far, so good!!! It seems everyone is pretty much on the mends. A little congestion lingers in them all, but it seems they have gotten over the brunt and feeling much better. And she’s stayed healthy!

SBJ had an early celebration of his b-day. His documented b-day is Saturday, but mom always takes advantage of seeing him on Thanksgiving to celebrate it with him. So he had a cake and candles, and received some nice gifts. It was really fun end to the evening.

Ahhh, soooo, the rest of this weekend is an awesome stay around the house! I am thrilled to be able to hang by home and out of the cold that has finally hit. I’m thrilled that the grocery shopping got done, and I literally don’t need to go ANYwhere for the next 3 days! We will be working on crafts for the fair next week. P and J will also be visiting at some point before they head back to Cali. Other than that…. crafting! I’m beginning to wonder if we will ever have enough stuff to sell on the day of the fair! But this year, also feeling much more lax about it anyway. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations, and just enjoying the seasonal fair with a great community.

Off to enjoy that nice chunky sleep time. I’ve missed at least an hour and half so far, so hoping she’ll sleep just a tad longer in the AM tomorrow! : )

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