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So… I have been pregnant a ‘few’ times now. I always hesitate to talk about how wonderful I feel cause I know some women suffer tremendously in their first trimester.  Something kinda hateful about bragging about how fabulous you are feeling to women who might like to gouge your eyes out because you can’t possibly understand morning sickness. Being my last pregnancy, things were right on par with the other pregnancies. Feeling awesome. Some food (smell) aversions but nothing too tremendous. That is… till yesterday. And of course, what I experienced was not nearly what some women suffer through. I woke with a nice mild headache. I smelled the kids in the kitchen, brewing up some breakfast and had to head to the nearest window for some fresh air. I mustered energy enough to make it too our lunch packing (for a local homeless shelter), but just barely really. The intent was to then get grocery shopping done before afternoon tween club, but driving home from lunch packing I had this overwhelming desire to sleep. 

We headed home instead. I calculated we had enough food to manage one more day so I was going to take advantage and grab a one hour nap. That helped tremendously. The nauseous feelings subsided for a bit, enough to get through tween club at least. By the time we returned from our gaming/cafe afternoon I was in desperate need of another nap. One more hour got me through the evening but it was quite painful smelling everyone’s dinner making. Eeeps.

Now, after a good 9-10 hour sleep I’m back to my usual blissful pregnant first trimester. I never did actually throw up. I really had quite a mild (ONE day) case. I feel (SO MUCH) for those who suffer their first trimesters. What a way to start off a blissful amazing experience in your lives. Many say “all worth it in the end,” and perhaps I am just a bit whimpy when it comes to feeling yucky? (It is so very rare that  I am sick at all… ) Whatever the case… I feel pretty certain we would not be having baby 5 if I had yucky 1st trimesters. Kudos to you amazing women who grin and bare it. I am in awe of you all. Truly.

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