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Goin’ too fast

It’s really crazy how summer seems to be flying by. Already this weekend we are welcoming August and it just feels like it’s barely begun! We’ve been quite busy, clearly b/c I have not update our blog in so long, so it’s at least been a fun summer at that.

We checked out Kenosha for the second time. We had a really wonderful weekend. Stayed at a place with a pool and enjoyed both Racine and Kenosha. Did the 4th in downtown Kenosha on the harbor and that was quite an interesting venue! The firework show was fantastic, but the traffic out of town, not so much….. enjoyed lots and lots of the pool and toodled around the outlet mall just next to the highway. All in all, I’d love to live there and SBJ would not. His verdict came days after returning and he’s quite content not making the leap up there. So we are sorta on hold and seeing what happens with the new landlord/management team and our lease for the matter…

K lost a tooth on that exciting trip, though it seemed less exciting to him b/c he’s lost so many already. But it was quite funny how he totally panics when the tooth actually falls out. He’s just sure he’s going to have to be rushed to the ER due to blood loss or something. He’s quite the hilarious paranoia ham…

We enjoyed a Full Moon Jam with SBJ this past month and he really seemed to enjoy. He’s longing to get some jembe’s sent to us from TG, and that will soon come our way. We dragged Grandpa out to join us, but only caught him on the tail end before people were wrapping up and the kiddos were dying to crawl into bed. Many of these late summer nights have gotten them to realize they just don’t dig staying up late. They always think they do, but when they actually do, they complain to all ends of the earth. They have experienced plenty this summer that has opened their eyes to the joy of sleeping and that earlier bedtime routines are not so bad afterall.

International Pen Pal group met this month as well. We gained two new matches. One in Morocco and the other in Armenia. Good crowd came out to write to these gals and it’s really fun to have multiple matches to keep in touch with. The kids are really diggin’ getting to know kids in different parts of the world.

We had our EHE family picnic which was really nice. Great weather, lots of families showed up. The kids had a blast as it seems they had not seen that crowd in its in entirity for most of this summer. So they were excited to see everyone together. They had quite the game going when I had to call it end for our fam so I could head to an au pair meeting.

We’ve visted The Grove and hit the bike races at the Northbrook Velodrome with Grandpa and gotten in a few visits with Grandma as well. In between all of the days at the beaches and park, we also did the Ethnic Arts Festival where D and I spent no less thatn five hours at the family art tent! She’d did every project there, and she just LOVED every single second of it. Of course the boys were not overly thrilled, so the following day we came back to the do the music portion of the festival. Everyone was satisfied at that point. ; )

We said goodbye to our dear friend Fran Tomandl. That lovely lady passed away mid-July and it was a bitter sweet goodbye. She was such a blessing in so may of our lives and she will be missed dearly. I am sure I will be inspired to write more about her soon, but for now, I keep my joy, peace, sadness selfishly to myself while I ponder it all over.

Exciting news for me is that I feel I’ve really found a nitche/path for myself. I am eager to embark on a new journey in my life, and that is becoming a prenatal massage therapist and certified doula! Oh, this is a long road ahead with nursing baby at home, but I am very excited about this. I feel like this will be a field that I will be quite content in. Pregnancy and childbirth have been so life-changing for me that I want to give to those women about to embark on the journey themselves. I hope I can be great at what I’ve chosen to do, and look forward to the future of a fulfilling employment where I feel blessed to do what I am certified to do.

My book is done! I think I’ve updated on that one, but I’m in the proofing stage now which is not the easiest process in the world! Eager to get my site up and running and seeing if I can sell a few copies! That would be exciting!

Today we headed down to the Chicago Historical Museum b/c it was their free day and we’ve never been. Cool lil’ place with lots of stuff. I particularly enjoyed it. The kids got into it until hunger set in, and they were set on having a picnic outside near the zoo, not inside in the cafeteria. So we cut the visit kinda short, but will head back. Did the picnic in the park and then headed to the farm/zoo. Quite a busy day there, and that always rubs K the wrong way. He’s not a fan of crowds, well neither are the rest of us. But the difference is he’d rather not be there at all than just deal with it and enjoy the day. ; ) He did do quite well though, and we had a nice day. It finally felt like summer too!

So as I reflected on what else we had planned this week I realized, MAN August is hitting us this weekend and this time is flying by so so fast! Just hope this warm(er) weather holds out for us!

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