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Gauc Test – Nakita Baby
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Gauc Test

So the kids and I have really been into watching episodes of Chopped on Netflix. That awesome Food Network show where there are four chefs from various walks of life and they compete against one another. First round is appetizer round. They are judged on completion, appearance and taste. Three chef judges rip your plate to shreds and then decided who will face the chopping block…. ultimately sending someone home. The winner left standing after the appetizer, dinner and dessert rounds wins $10,000. It’s safe to say we are all evolving foodies in this house. Some of us more than others. But due to the influence of the show, the three oldest had a chopped competition in the house today. They have all been on an avocado (and consequently guacamole) phase recently. On our way home from an errand today they got into this discussion about who will prepare the afternoon guac?! As they argued over who could do it the best, and who should be the one to do it, their discussion evolved for the better and they decided that they would each get one avocado and prepare their own recipe…. leading me, M and C to be the taste-testing judges. The only flaw was that we did not keep the recipes anonymous so it was too hard to pick a favorite. Ultimately, they are were all awesome! I’m impressed my kids can prepare a decent guac that well! M and I did end up picking our favorites, but reiterated over and over that they were all amazing. I would have had a pic but we all devoured it so quickly. YUM!

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