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So it’s completed! Us newbies in the gardening department drove on out to G’pa’s and got the whole thing dug up and planted! We even have more space for some more shaddy-type flowers and the kids just had a blast. SBJ and I really loved it too and talked about how amazing it would be for a yard like that and space for the kids to run around. It was such a lovely afternoon, we are eager for many more like it. We got some lettuce, potato, tomato, carrots, garlic, onion, spinach, snap peas, sunflowers and other randoms in there already! It will be exciting to see some of it flourish and to enjoy the yums that come up! When we head back this weekend we are going to put in some more flowers as well as some herbs. There was a little patch we could still take advantage of, so we are going to utilize with fresh herbs.

We were all so pooped yesterday that it was a fabulous night’s sleep! Days like that are far more to come as the warmer weather means lots n’ lots of time outdoors!

Today was park day and we were super late. I stole the morning time to treat myself to a haircut trimming and coloring. Well, last night I gave it a new coloring to get rid of the grown out roots look I had going on, and then this AM I did a little trim and some highlights. Love it! But that made us super late to park day. Not that they didn’t still get a good three hours with friends though! Then headed out to D’s gymnastics class. She really digs those classes and it’s a thrill to see her to eager to get there.

I attended this Advanced Class for Ebay Selling class tonight. It was fabulous! I feel very motivated to shift gears and with the knowledge I’ve gained this evening, I am certain I could be successful and find a little nitche here. The presenter was so thorough and really gave a ton of details on the what’s and how’s of it all. I excited to get the ball rolling on the adventure!

In the meantime, I’m wrapping up my last few hours with Famplosion. We were told last weekend that they have decided to close and we are all being let go with in the next 2 weeks. With the anticipation of that coming up, I decided to double up on the hours this week so I could get the ball rolling on other projects (Ebay selling being one of them). I’m super bummed about that coming to an end. It was a position I really enjoyed doing and it fit so well. Ah…. well… “when one door closes….” … right? Tis something one must always remember!

Photos courtesy of G’pa!

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