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Fun things!!!

Well… for starters, Friday the kids and I had one of those amazing days where just absolutely everything went better than we could have anticipated. The day was a total relaxed one… b/c of this amazing weather we’ve been having, coupled with the fact that we had not been in a very long while…. we headed down to the zoo for the day.

We had no major agenda that day except just ‘be’ at the zoo, so we did not leave super early. We left when we were ready to go, and not racing out the door to get somewhere. We found a free parking spot right in front of the north entrance. All of the animals were out and about, and we got to see some feedings, and even pet a few critters. Had several picnics throughout the day…. visited each and every exhibit, including the farm…. and everyone was just happy as clams at the end of the day.
Pic’s as the sun was setting before we left to head home:

Then…. Saturday we visited a Medieval Homeschool Demo at UIC this weekend and we all had a really nice time! Several booths set up for us to learn a ton of stuff about the era, and even a courtyard where we witness some bafa fitting. K was able to grasp a few fencing swords, D tried on a heavy armor helmet…. and I learned a ton about a herdy gerty (if I am even spelling that right!).
Pic’s from this adventure:

And then, as it often is, K did not want to venture to far on Sunday, so D and I went a crusin’ before her ice skating in the afternoon. Our main errand was to get to the grocery store, but she had been talking about horses for some time and how she’d like to ride one. I took her over to the most local stables I know, for what I thought would just be looking around… and we had a blast. Got to walk through the stables and pet some really huge horses… observe some riding and jumping lessons…. and low and behold, she truly wanted to do the pony rides!
“High -ho Silver!!” (literally… her pony’s name was Silver!) She wants her to move in with us… and tells me several times a day that she missed Silver SO much.

After riding Silver:

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