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Christmas was FULL…. of absolutely everything! It started early with a package that arrived from CA from AJ and PTU. They really over did it this year, with shipping and all. The kids were so so eager to open *some*thing, that I had to cave and let them pry open the box. I really (really) had them going this year. Last Sunday I had gone out to a “meeting” and they fully thought I was at a meeting. It was so awesome. I got all of their shopping done and wrapped in one day. They never saw a single scrap of paper or a single shopping bag, and those that they did see were for other people, so I just said, “nope, not for you guys. Look…. see?!” And showed them the bags and gifts. So they really had no clue. Even in our dinky lil’ place, I had great hiding place in SBJs bottomless pit of a closet. The black trash bags were not even noticed in there! So the whole week before they were so panicky and worried that mommy was not even shopping for them this year! I had thrown out so many comments like, “hm, no space for new stuff, doesn’t seem we need anything new.” They really were thrown through a loop and thought I was not “doing xmas” this year! It was awesome. When they saw the presents emerge on xmas morning, they were over-the-top surprised and thrilled. It was great.

But, after the early xmas box they were fueled for G’pas house the next day. We went to dad’s for a xmas brunch with family, and then hosted G’ma here at our place for xmas dinner. P was able to stop by after work in the evening, but he was pretty beat and did not stay long. SBJ was running on complete empty! He had not slept since the day before and did his shift that evening before. Wow. He was tired. But the day was full and you know…. quite a bit eye-opening this year. A few family instances that really made me realize just how much I need to let go of a few things, and just how much people are going to hear about it from here on out…. AND how I’m gonna stop feeling guilty for everything.

Xmas day was just as lovely as it was envisioned. I got to sleep in just a bit, which just about killed the kids with anxiousness! But they delved into Santa’s gifts (and then our surprises!) and enjoyed ALL of it. Lavished in left overs, new games and toys, and lounging in pj’s the whole day. It was SO much fun that we never even did get to the candy houses till the next day. Sunday was just a lovely xmas extension as we were snowed in with 6 inches of snow and no where to go. So we enjoyed much of the same, and got around to the candy house construction.

Been contemplating the new year. A friend on FB posted some really great resolutions to herself and it sparked this long list of come really great things, that I am not sure I would have ever materialized myself. Feeling rather brainless, forgetful, and not as productive as I sure would love to be, I really appreciated everyone doing the work for me  : )

Anyway… here are a few that are high on the list for me this year… and probably more to add as I contemplate this more:

– One weekly family ritual (Love this idea! While we usually have dinner altogether every evening, a family weekly deal would be awesome.) Ours will probably be a family movie theater night. We love doing this and don’t make enough time for enjoying a fun flick together. We love popping popcorn and cuddling up on our big ol’ couch. I think we will have a weekly family night!

– Date my husband! (YES!!!! Love this. You know, in nearly 9 years of parenthood, I have not once… not ONCE had a family member offer to babysit so that SBJ and I could actually be couple! Shameful really…. but yes, this will be the year this changes. A monthly. at the very least, date night is in the works.)

– Write, write, write! Aside from really keeping up with blogging, I would love to write a book. I have this idea pondering around in my brain and really would love to get it out on paper. I would need to really get organized to make it happen over the course of this year. But I think it could be a good topic, good sell, and fun writing as well! Clincher is… that’s a full time job in and of itself! : )

– Move my body everyday! So yea, not committing to “loosing ‘x’ amount of weight”, not putting pressure on anything happening, but WILL expect of myself that outside of just the kids-stuff…. I need to move myself everyday and break a sweat in doing so. I think this is loose enough that I can select and activity that I feel moved to do in a given day, and yet I will stick to it and really make an effort to be more attentive to myself and my needs. AND, after this weekend of being a couch potato with the kids and eating WAY too much candy, I feel it really bad. And so I realize just how daunting it could be/get if I did not stick to just this one concept…. Move + sweat = happy body and mind.

– These last two kinda go hand-n-hand. 1) Eliminate bull-crap, and 2) say “no” and DON’T feel guilty. I’ve griped about my inability to do this more than once, and after this holiday with extended family, I think I’m finally in a place in my life to really do this! There are points in time (like right now) when I want to jump up and down and celebrate this feeling! And then there are harsh reality that makes me made that it took me THIS LONG to figure this out!!! Why couldn’t someone tell me to do this long (long) ago??? ; )


That’s my list in progress. I feel really good about these so far. I have a couple superficial things to also add there… like shift in jobs is a high priority. But this list…. good, really good. I wish I could take more credit for it : )


“Every religion on the planet has told us to have FAITH. Faith is when you cannot see the *how*, but you absolutely know that the moment you have the dream it is given to you. All you have to do is relax and allow the Universe to magnetize you to your dream and your dream to you.”

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