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Full Moon Jam… Family Style! – Nakita Baby
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Full Moon Jam… Family Style!

This evening we attended the Foster Beach Full Moon Jam. This has been one of our favorite activities for a couple of years now, however it feels like this event just keeps doubling and quadrupling in size each time we attend! This time we at least found the people we were meeting, but there were a slew of people in front of us, we could not see many of the fire-throwing skills going on, and in a position where we could just turn to glimpse at the full moon in the clear sky. The kids love the idea of this event, but it ends up being a bummer because it’s over-crowded, they can’t “throw fire,” and they’d like to also hang out with friends and families! (I can honestly say I couldn’t agree more!)

So as we sat there this evening, the thought came fleeting into my head of a family circle on the beach where the kids could run around with their poi sets and glow sticks and families bring their picnic dinners and drums, and we enjoy some good ol’ full moon jammin’ fun on the beach! Less crowds, less police patrolling, less pressure to buy the junk people are trying to sell, and the kids can actually (fully) participate!

SO…. come on out during the next full moon to family jam at Loyola Beach! 6:30pm on August 2nd! Bring something to beat on or make music with! Bring a picnic dinner! Bring your family and friends! Bring ya’s some glow-in-the-dark FUN!

See you then!





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