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Friday – Nakita Baby
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D has ice skating lessons and is loving it! This last Friday she pleaded that we have a girls’ night out and really really wanted to go to Chipotle for our favorite burritos. Boys were set with lots o’ food left over in the fridge, and we had not been out in a really long time, so I obliged. It was going to be fun! So after skating D, M and I head to downtown Evanston to the Chipotle near the library. Parking… not a problem at all, town is rather quiet this particular night. Quiet!? Ha. Because they are ALL hanging out at the Chipotle!!! Yipers. So we get inside and I immediately have to run to the bathroom. Before we get back into line, it’s out to the door. Not quite out the door at this point, but near the door nonetheless. I send D off to save us the last 2 seats in the joint, right by the front window, the garbage and the door! “Ideal.” I’m in line gazing around the restaurant thinking…. “oh man, do I remember those days.” I immediately felt a ton o’ pitty for all of these college kids in there on a Friday night who all seem to be looking for someone. A few were clearly on a date-like-outing, but a few, hanging with their friends were scoping the joint out. Gratitude washes over me. I am just so thankful to be beyond those years in my life. Marriage life suits me well I’m thinking. The noise level in this place is so loud that D and I simply make funny faces at each other. I mean why bother speaking when you can’t hear yourself chew? We thoroughly enjoyed our vegetarian and chicken burritos, but were quite please to leave and enter into the silence of the night. “I do love my life” I’m thinking with a big honky grin across my face.

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