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Frakkin Mosquitoes

Yes… you heard me right. I’m so sick of this influx of mosquitoes it’s painful. I swear there has been this enormous boom of these stanky lil’ bugs in the last week or two that has been just painful for me. I swear they smell some hormone from me, or maybe just the fact that I’m pumping blood overtime. Whatever the case, my body looks like a battle field. Today I swear I was bitten three times just walking from our front door a half block to our car. One right on my face the size of a nickel. And as I sit here workin’ on the computer this evening, there are at least 2 flying around INSIDE trying to suck my blood. Now HTH did they get INSIDE when we have our windows closed and AC units on?!?! I truly feel these vampire ‘skitos are trying to make me loose all sanity left in my precious little head. I’ve just about had enough… in fact, not ‘just about’, I HAVE had enough. These things must die. End of nightly rant.

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