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So, I believe it is completely official…. I am mildly allergic, or at the very least intolerant of cow’s milk. Yep. My attempt a a chocolate malt b/c that’s what I was craving has failed miserably. I feel yuck. Fortunately, not puking it up, but definitely going to a long night. This was a growing thing… has been since I had given up dairy completely for 3 years living in TG. The kids don’t seem to handle it well either…. and ironically we had kinda fallen off the vegetarian bandwagon as of lately and I think we are hopping right back on. Not doing any of us much good. And not feeling as happy. In fact, I will more adamantly try the vegan thing when I get through this labor and delivery. I think for me, personally, best option. The kids will still make their choices outside of the house, but inside…. it’s a veggie lifestyle. It’s just gotta be. I think everyone feels much happier and healthier. My only concern is protein needs, and working hard on that end to figure out the best sources of getting enough protein into everyone. Especially big D who’s the most active and needs much much more than I am sure she is getting right now. Checking out different options on powders, shakes, bars, that could assist in the little boost needed next to the veggie lifestyle. If that fell into place I’d be much more adamant about what’s been prepared at home.

B/c of the forementioned malt, I am not much up for blogging this evening, and must crawl into bed. Will check in later!

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      Hey lady,

      Someone mentioned your site today so I came to check it out. Fun to catch up on everyone.

      Thought I would respond about protein. Believe it or not, plain, ordinary, cheap peas are one of the best sources of protein around. 1/2 c. has more protein than 2 T. peanut butter – another good source. Make sure the peas are frozen or fresh, though, as the canned ones lose a lot of nutrients.

      Any other legume is also great. I put a lot of legumes in soups — throwing in lentils actually gives stews and soups a meaty texture.

      Chances are, though, if you all are eating enough veggies, you are getting enough protein.

      Good luck this week.

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