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Family Movie Nite has become a regular thing in our house. Saturday nights we climb on the enormous couch with some special munches and each other to snuggle with and watch a new film. Always trying to find something that no one has watched before (or at least has not seen a dozen times before : ) has been quite the challenge. This week’s film was The Amazing Panda Adventure and it really ended up being quite a good flick. Enjoyed by all who stayed awake! : ) It’s pretty typical that M will nurse to sleep with in the first 20 minutes, and then after S munches down on the provided snack he crashes w/in the first hour of the movie. And…. sometimes D does not even make it to the bitter end. Just a wee bit late for her on occasion. And other times, she’s watching right along. This weeks treat was chocolate covered popcorn. I can’t say enough how super-yummy that one is!

Super nice night after a super chill day at home. I was thrilled to get a bit of my BWI reading done, and hoping that I can jump-start the pace at which this reading is getting done. I’m getting a little nervous that being on book 3 of 11 is going to hinder my end-date goal! I feel I need to be a bit more diligent on book deadlines or I’ll be paying for it come this fall!

Tomorrow we have the last AYSO game and I have to whole-heartedly admit that I’m thrilled this is the last! It’s been a big part of the schedule and the last remaining scheduled event for the spring. Summer will feel like in full-swing this week with very little to do, and very few places to be aside from the beach and the parks! Looking forward to it for sure!

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