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So today was a blast! A full day of firsts for this crew. For starters, K and D joined in on this crew/row class. A fabulous state-of-the-art Chicago Park District center has this amazing facility and a very savvy homeschool mom put together a homeschool class for kids to join in on, with even the potential of creating a crew team! It was such a blast to watch, and even more fun for the kids. They are eager to go back and give it another whirl!









Then D had an all-time first of her personal own. She took Jani Potoo on the road! She took her miniature clay foods (made to scale for dollhouses and collectibles) over to Tom Thumb and is now on consignment over at the store! It was so (so very!!) exciting for her, she could hardly contain herself. At one point the owner of the store walked a way for a bit to tend to something and she looked at me saying, “I’m trying hard to keep it together here.” We laughed hard, then back to business. She made the largest lot she’s ever made with her craft, and she is for real making huge strides with this amazing art of hers. I am just so proud of … and FOR… her. What an amazing day!

Jani Potto










So, now if that weren’t exciting enough as it is…. the day is just not over yet. We return home to have a celebratory lunch and I finally take on the broken FOB challenge. My key chain as a long rope on it so that I may carry my car key around my neck. About three months back, this rope got caught in the driving wheel one night and ripped my key (FOB) right out of the socket. At the time I truly did not realize it had caused any damage at all to the actual key. I was shocked by the whole situation but as usual, life went on as normal. Till one day, about three-ish weeks later I come out of the grocery store with about $200 in groceries, and five kids in tow, and the freakin’ key does not start the car. I know it’s not the battery, I don’t detect any mechanical problems, and I notice the crack in the key that seems to make the key quite unstable. I’m fairly certain this is the issue, but what to do next?!

After a phone call to AAA, they determine that they can replace the key for $200, of which $100 will be reimbursed due to the AAA insurance. That was the “coverage” they were providing to bring me a new key. I choked on that amount because I was certain we had a spare key at home somewhere. Instead, I took the free tow to home, unloaded the groceries (thank god it was cold that day b/c that was a good 5 hour day in the parking lot trying to get home)…. OH…  and sending a portion of my precious cargo home in a taxi (my heart was palpitating hard that day)! Ok…. so back to it…. several hours of tearing the house apart and NO.SPARE.KEY! Eeeeeek.

So…. what next? Delve into GOOGLE of course. Find a way, between that day and the next, to get my broken key working again. At least till I find a replacement. I #1 order a replacement FOB online at Amazon for just $30. Great deal. I **simply** needed to take it somewhere to be programmed when it arrived. (Note hat word “simply”?…. Yeah, save that.) Then…. find enough YouTube and Google to get the broken working. With a little aluminum foil and lot of duct tape…. key as good as new. Well, sort of. It’s functional and buying me time.

In the meantime…. key arrives and I take to locksmith…. they laugh in my face. Of course they do not “do that kind of thing!” Then….. to call a few other spots who either want an arm and leg (bringing back up to $200 that AAA quoted me), or don’t return calls, or don’t show up…. you name it, it happened. I cave…. I try out the Dodge dealer. They simply did not even want to touch my black-market key. They were appalled I was even asking such a thing of them. They instead want to charge me upwards of $270 to give me an authentic, gen-U-INE Dodge key. (I laughed in their faces.)

I drive off determined that there was a way that I could do this myself. And if I messed it up, at the very least I could go back to AAA and get $100 back on the whole deal, right?

Well…. so that bring us to today. It’s been months since I’ve been driving on my make-shift key. I have been noticing in the last week or so that it takes about 15 clicks to get all the doors unlocked. Or the car won’t start the first turn, but try-try-again…. Vrooom! So, it was really becoming time to get this taken care of. I had done a TON of research and been picking at these keys enough to realize that it really was just a micro chip that was talking to my blue bus to say, “turn on old girl, turn on.” So I messed around with that micro chip. I dug it out of key one to put into the intact, key two that needed the programming. I try it out…. doesn’t work. Hmmm…. back to drawing board. What are these little knobby sensor things? They must be important. Let’s transfer those babies over to the non-cracked FOB case.

1-2-3…. VROOOM!!!!
We have contact! It’s working…. all for the low-working price of …. yep you guessed it, $30 on Amazon folks! Brand new FOB all set to take us places. I felt so badass after all that…. you shoulda seen my happy dance (many times over) this evening!

new key












Ok, so maybe that’s not all that exciting to y’all…. but baby C up on all fours?!?! Yay! Now c’mon! That’s super exciting! That girl has been sitting on her own about a month now. She’s been moving around by rolling back and forth and pushing. And today…. TODAY!!!! She was on all fours. Got her on video for a good minute or more up there checking out the world. It was purely awesome. That little stinker is just five months old this week!

C crawl








And the fun did not even stop there!
K and D went back out this evening to fiddle around with 3-D printing. Now, that indeed was not the first time of doing that, so that cheats this post a wee-bit. However, they were doing copies of their heads! They were doing 3-D images of their heads/faces, and that….. THAT my friend IS a first! How cool is that. When the images are done, I will share those pics as well.

To that I bid you a good night. I do hope your each and every day is filled with at least ONE first in your lives! Enjoy!










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