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I have had this pending doom of having to map out our schedule for the next session. It’s SO insanely hard to have everyone get a lil’ something that they want in paid classes outside of the home, budgeting for it having just gone through the longest stint of unemployment for us, working again, but for not much more than unemployment offered!, AND…. balancing the time in the week to even out to some home time vs. out-n-about time.

Today. Today I finally sat down to map it out a bit. I think we are pretty much there. And thrilled to have at the very least mapped out a working skeleton. It’s looking good, and so far everyone seems quite happy with what they have chosen. K is taking Orion of course, finishing up Amy’s production at Prop Theater, and then taking 2 computer programing classes. Well even more cool than that, one is 2-D cartooning and then the butting right up to that class is a 3-D video game programing. Quite cool indeed.

D is going to leave girl scouts for a session and take on Orion for a stint and see how she likes it. Should be quite interesting! K’s already staking territory on the Orion-thing, but hopefully he’ll get over it and get really excited she is going to be enjoying him too. She then will be doing indoor soccer this time around, and indoor ice skating! If Emily offers her art, she’ll continue that, and I think that’s it for her this time.

S is going to do this new class called Move and Play. Sounds really really fun. I hope he likes it. Then hopefully if Ms Leah agrees we will sign up for a music class, but attend every other Saturday. He really loves her class, but it’s quite high for us, and rather than have him miss it, I’m negotiating and every other week commitment. Hopefully that works out.

UGH… my eyes are crossing I’m so tired! Off to bed!

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