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Fallen in Love – Nakita Baby
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Fallen in Love

Yep…. all over again…. this time… with a bus.

I have been poking around trying to figure out what kind of vehicle we could potentially take off and spread our nomadic wings in come the end of the summer. This evening on Craigslist I found ‘the’ bus. I never would have thought I’d choose this sort of vehicle. I did not want anything too big and have been, consequently, seeking out larger vans, oversized vehicles in nature that we could tweak for our needs. I had been toying with RV’s in nature, but not really feeling the maintenance vibe of it all. So nothing has grabbed me quite yet. I also had been eyeing this Ford Transit 350 at Carmax, but that would just mean another loan. I’m not too keen on adding cost to the adventure. I was kind of hoping to free us from burdens. Many burdens. As many burdens as possible.

So, this evening, I was poking around yet again…. sniff sniff….
Low and behold, I see this beauty. A real beauty. I have fingers and toes, and hairs, and tails, and whatever else could possibly be crossed…. trust me they are crossed. I am plotting and manipulating…. there must be a way to smoothly make this happen. Sell our precious beauty of a blue bus to acquire this beauty of a red-striped 15 seater bus. Of course, this is provided I actually get to see it, drive and still continue to be in love with it. But I’m already fantasizing over the idea, the pics, the hope, the dream. I can see us in this beaut’! It’s the first that I can truly picture and the first that feels right in my bones. The price, the size, the everything…..

Keep all of your fingers and appendages crossed for us. Hopefully we see it this weekend in which case things may move quickly!! And even it it’s not this particular one… I feel ever-so-happy to have this feeling of ‘right’ cause now I feel like I know where I am headed in this decision and what will work for us. Yippee!!!

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