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A bit ridiculous that it is already Fall. It truly feels like Fall as well. I was so hoping for the extended, or “Indian Summers,” we were so lucky to have the last couple of years. The trees are already starting to turn colors. And as much as I just LOVE the site of Fall, I am just so not ready for the inevitable Winter right around the corner. Yuck. Focus, right? Focus on this gorgeous season and don’t look to far ahead…. That’s my mantra for this week and the weeks ahead. (The colors are really starting and it’s beautiful!)

So I don’t know how this month slipped right by us. Oh, yes, let me recall… classes started up. On the one hand, it’s been fabulous, and on the other it’s been chaotic. Nothing horrible about it at all, just far different than our lovely lazy summer days. I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that the kids really poured on the classes this session. The great news is that everyone loves everything they are in right now. So at the very least we have not had to go through the oh-so-fun-refund-request-and-obtaining-process! ; ) Oh I just hate having to do that.

So D’s done her Gymnastics, Basketball/Soccer, Clay Class and Girls Club. She loves them all. She starts cooking class with K tomorrow, and even registered for Girl Scouts today. I think she’s really going to love that group. And I just can’t believe how excited she is to do this all on her own. That’s really huge! It’s been so amazingly awesome to witness this huge growth in her in the last month or so. She’s such a cool chick… man I’m a lucky mama.

K is into his Animation/Movie Making Club, Math and Guitar. He too will start cooking tomorrow and I’m very eager to see how that pans out! ; ) The boy who says he’ll be a famous chef some day but really has yet to step foot in the kitchen! Guitar does not seem to be as much of a thrill anymore, but I am really proud of him for sticking with the class and practicing with SBJ (almost) nightly. They both seem to really want to learn the basics, but not overly eager to master. We will just see how that might all pan out. They may very well surprise me and decide on another session. Just don’t know.

S is still in his music class and just super-duper loves it. He’s picking up words left and right and it’s incredible. He’s such a little character. Quite determined, lovable, and yet very very good at bossing each of us around. I seem him already super eager to join in on D’s gym-type classes and I thin I will need to find him something to rumble and tumble on very soon. It’s very difficult to have him at those classes and have him try to watch. He really wants to participate so badly!

Work’s been good and hopefully have found a couple more PT gigs to help supplement a little bit. Really hoping that all pans out as expected; some transcribing work, at-home office work for a realtor, and a pt babysitting gig as well. If all works out it would lend itself to a very nice supplement as well as an incredible fit(squeeze) into our schedules as well.

We’ve are so blessed. There is just so much to be grateful for. Ah… life is great.

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