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The weekend was a blast. Nothing out of the ordinary, but just fabulous. I think I already touched on Saturday’s happenings, and Sunday was much of the same. I had a meeting in the AM with a new group I am joining with D. It’s called Gentle Circle and a group of 6 moms and daughters who are coming together, girls all about the same age (5-7 year range), to grow and cherish special times together as friends and as mother/daughters. I’m looking forward to the group evolving more as we have only had the opportunity to unite twice as mothers. There is the hope that we are able to meet a few more times before the girls join in and we plan more activities with them on a monthly basis. I have enjoyed getting to know the women little by little, but also feel that many are hesitant to share a ton with each other. I feel the sense that the women are worried or cautious about what to, and what not to, share with each other just yet, and wonder if that will evolve to closer more trusting relationships as time elapses. I do hope so, as each woman seems to bring very unique traits to the group and I look forward to learning from each of them and becoming closer friends with each.

After my AM meeting I took the kids over to the garden for some watering. Things are growing well now! I am eager to see what will flourish for us to eat in the next month! We have had a couple strawberries blossom already and the kiddos were able to share 2 of them recently : ) Since it was so stinkin’ hot Sunday I drove to our favorite Dairy Queen spot for our super duper favorite Chocolate French Silk blizzards! SO yum! Brought those over to G’pa’s and since they were melting and a mess, they had a blast running through water and eventually the sprinkler. Oh, well actually, we brought squirt guns to play with, but those just did not hold enough water. G’pa was home and dug out a sprinkler for some real water action!

Monday was Big D’s birthday and this was the same day (Memorial Day 2004) that was born on 6 years back. That was kinda fun! She had an amazing b-day and I have to add… quite pleasant. B’day’s past have not always been so much. There always seemed to be some emotional rupture of tears or what not that made her b-day kinda not as enjoyable as a mother would have hoped : ) However this year, it was quite blissful! She did receive lots of goodies that were on her wish-list and we had G’ma over for homemade pizza and cake. It was very fun. Today we went to an indoor pool in Glenview with G’pa and Subway after for her favorite sandwich. G’pa stuck candles in a cookie for her, and that was quite sweet. She had a remarkably fun b-day celebration! OH… OH… and how can I forget? She lost a tooth on her b-day as well! : )

She is just a remarkable girl I must add as well. Her growth this past year has far surpassed what I would/could have imagined. Makes a mama tear at how quickly time flies, and I get to be with her 24/7! It feels like I just blinked my eyes and yet…. AHHHH. She is amazing in her unknown beauty. Her strength and athletic ability is more than I know what to do with. She thoroughly enjoyed gymnastics this year, and I still have not figured out if it is b/c she just loves to run and throw her body around, or if gymnastic skills are what she really wants to acquire. She is hesitant to try other sports just yet. We may have gotten the nerve up to attempt soccer this fall, but still unsure if she will agree before the deadline. (This season she decided afterwards and so we decided to wait till the fall.) I wish there was someone interested in starting a homeschool track team or practice for this age as she just really truly loves to run a LOT! Basketball seems to be on the ‘maybe’ list and swimming is a definite yes… if I would actually sign her up! ; ) I am hesitant to just do lessons b/c I don’t feel they accomplish more than what she already does on her own. But if I found a team where they actually taught her technique, that’s something she’d really benefit from.

Aside from the logistics, she is just an all around sweet girl. She has her rough moments of course, and much of that stems (IMO) from the middle-child and/or only-girl syndrome. She requires lots more one-on-one in general, and not just with me. She just loves to be with people and constantly ‘doing’ with people. She loves to be busy a full 12 hrs a day and crashes hard the other 10-12. She sleeps so well… and plays so hard! She is coming into her own slowly but surely. She is a very easy-going, kinda fickle, yet not-so-much… a lot like her mother : ) And by that I mean, she finds just about anything interesting and does not fall into a certain “category” of personality type or character. I could never say she’s a girly-girl, but yet she loves to play around with make-up, nail polish and dress up and look pretty. I could never say she is a tom-boy b/c she loves all things girly despite her being a complete jock at times. She is quite smart, but at this stage in life seems to always second-guess herself. I do hope that homeschooling will provide more confidence in her own personal choices and decisions and build a stronger self-esteem (for lack of better words)…. b/c she does not necessarily lack esteem, but this second -guessing if she is right or knows certain things weighs heavily on her at times.

She is a complete giver. She loves art and is always drawing my pictures and writing to me, giving me gifts. It’s precious to see her evolving hand and heart. She is a nurturer as well. She loves her brothers so much, and cares for them as a mama-figure. She is this way with her friends as well. She is everyone’s friend and does not understand when others choose to be only one person’s friend, or is exclusive of others. She cherishes interactions with older girls. Girls Scouts was tremendous for her this year for both this and her independence boost. She is a planner and organizer. This year she enjoyed girl scouts, gymnastics, park days, gym days, clay class, girls club, and probably more that I’m forgetting. She did delve into pen pals in a way she has not before and is enjoying that interaction with kids around the world.

It is an honor to be her mama and I am eager to follow her on her path. She is and will continue to be a truly interesting soul.

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