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So while the job-thing is going ‘alright’…. and I mean just alright. Trying to be grateful that employment has entered our household again, but not thrilled about the night shift thingy…. plus yesterday he was called in for a mere 3 hours before his shift, only to come home for about an hour, eat, and turn around and go back… only not to sleep a full 24 hours…. hmmmmm…..

But, he’s learned a lot about the structure of the store management and who is who, what is what, and is feeling confident this night-thing won’t last long…. And all the while, he’s gotten a call by a district manager from another company who is having his manager phone interview him tomorrow!! And he’s been invited to an in-person job fair Friday! Just thrilled… and he is too! : ) It’s so great to see that this leap of faith is not necessarily in vain (or better yet a sacrifice) and that things can and will still materialize to something better. Where ever that may be. I’m just thrilled and proud of him. So proud.

Other news…. pretty much the same…. enjoying the ending of summer, and the start of schools! The parks (and everywhere we go) are so much emptier and we still get to enjoy this amazing weather all to ourselves! Midwife comes to visit us Wed to check out our digs… that makes things feel even more official… and EXCITING!!! Enjoying a last romp in our favorite pool this week… and beach day of course! Full moon today! And possible a full moon jam in our festivities (always depends on moods that late at night : ) All-in-all, not much to complain about! The humidity has even tamed itself and my feet swelling has come down quite a bit.

Oh, alright… I have a gripe. Everyone needs to hear a gripe once in awhile. No one likes to feel that someone else’s life is just so peachy that they are somewhat envious of the bliss. So here’s my gripe of most recent…. and I do feel like I’ve processed this a bit b/c I reamed out the building management this AM. But I’ll fill ya in anyway.

So Saturday night, middle of the night, S is having a rough night. For some reason he was not thrilled that I was not in bed, getting up every time I thought I’d gotten him back to sleep. I was attempting to get ready for bed and the toilet over flows. Nice. I’m peeved. This is not a new occurrence. They had been here sometime during this last year for the same issue and this was kinda aggravating. So I am trying to get the water to go down, fortunately nothing malicious or gross in there : ) And while trying, S of course wakes again…. trying to walk into the flooded bathroom. Yuck. I try again (flushing) and again it over flows. After working in this awhile (SBJ gets S to come back to bed at least to wait for me), clean up and think that at least someone could use the toilet till AM. But it was just not sounding quite right even in the AM. So I called building management at about 10am. Nice of me, I thought…. that I did not call at 1am and harass them about this.

So full day goes by, no call. Fortunately, no major explosions, but I could sense that the problem was not fixed. So this AM, sure enough…. another flood. I’m pissed (royally) at this point b/c not only is it nearly 24 hours that building management has not called me back even (to even let me know what they plan to do!!!) but that this is happening AGAIN.

Yep…. that phone call that transpires was not pretty. I kinda laid into her b/c she was all “I was out of town… sorry”…. ugh… give me a break. Then there should be someone as your back up. At any rate, I must have gotten her blood pumping as well b/c she had a plumber here in less than 20 minutes. No joke. I was shocked…. and then shame came over me for yelling at her so badly : ) I told SBJ when he got home that I had asked him to call, and he probably shoulda done so b/c I laid into her big time.

So…. while I was on my rampage, I called the realty company on top of it. I told this ‘head-dude’ over there that I was regretting having just signed our new lease due to issues in the building. Like…. the smoking of pot and cigarettes in common areas of the building. That there should be regulations for this happening and if people want to smoke in their own home, so be it. But in front of my window for my whole family… no thanks. And that people should empty their shit from the laundry machines b/c they leave them in there so long that the stench attracks bugs and its just plain nasty that we can’t even use the laundry room in the building we pay for. AND…. that in the full year they have been managing this building, they probably have not cleaned the entryways more than… hmmmm…. 2 times!!! Yuck! The entryway has spider webs and dead insects hanging all over the place. The floors never swept, vacuumed nor washed…. ever… and the stink that seems to be growing either from their neglect of the neglect of the neighbors.

Ahh… but as mentioned, I had let that all out over the phone today and then moved on. We’ll see if anything actually happens from my ranting. But for now, I’m hopeful. I do hope that someone heard me, and someone can understand that this is our home and we treat it as our precious home, and we’d expect them to understand that and treat it as the same.

Ok… done for tonight… time to go wake SBJ for his night shift trek.

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