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K has a new performance coming up! He is thrilled…. telling me that “comedy is his thing” : )

The performance is Jan. 29th and Feb. 5th at 3p. They are performing at Prop Theater, as part of their Rhinofest! Should be lots-o-fun! Having run lines with him so much this week, I will be very interested to see how this performance pans out! It’s  influence is from Shel Silverstein’s book_ Where the Sidewalk Ends_. Having never heard of it prior b/c he would not take our copy off our shelf, he has fallen in love. It’s been awesome to see him venture outside of the world of sci-fi combat for a bit and try something new!

A musical AND poetry performance all in the course of ONE year! Oh my…. my lil’ K-man is growing up! : )

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