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Exciting week!!! – Nakita Baby
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Exciting week!!!

Where to start?!

Well… first of all we had a very exciting Sci-fi workshop happening the last two weekends, and SBJ and K actively participated. Not only had a fantastical time learning cool Jedi moves, but what an amazing/special time for them as well! There was a very very cool performance/recital of sorts the last evening of the workshop, of which I have some very fun video coverage. This is just a new camera, so I have to figure out how to upload the video footage and get it on our site to share! Stay tuned for that one (I promise it’s coming)!!!
And then…. had a very exciting order for my slings this week! I usually have been doing them per order (1) basis, and someone who had been given one of my slings as a gift loved it so much she wants to sell them in her float/massage spa in New Mexico! I am so thrilled about that! I have started a new outpost for all new updates on that facet of life, so do check things out there: http://nakitababy.blogspot.com/
Let’s see, I can think of two other very fun things….

D wrote her name all by herself this week. She’s been working pretty hard on this since the beginning of the summer. I have been getting regular ‘love’ notes on my desk each day that have her practicing on there. She often would ask me “what it says”?? And I would try my best to sound it out. She often would ask how to spell her name and would do it herself. She’s also copied my writing when she’s asked me to write it out for her. So this week, while makin’ the routine waffle breakfast, she came in with a picture of the HUGEMUNGOUS millipede (or whatever the heck those god-awful bugs are called that transpire from the depths of the drain!!! We had a 2.5 INCHER cross our wall this week! Man, I still shake from the thought of it!!) Anyhow…. the pic is a beautiful momento of this creature that cruised our wall, and at the bottom, her name, so perfectly written, and she had *not* asked me once how to spell it!!

Pretty cool stuff! So I just had to take a pic of that one…. I think the pic speaks for itself!

(Funny…. I am just noticing the bugs face…. he looks a lot happier than all 4 of us when it crawled across the room!!! ; )

And in other Jarjusey news…. Mr. Boober has started nibbling on food. It’s just ever-so-random, and I’m not really confident I could say anything is going down, but he just wants to be part of the gang. So he’s maulled on banana, chomped on a single cherrio, and today….. rice cereal! ; )

He gets these funny looks, and most of it comes back out….. and after 1-2 bites he’s already done. But he’s just so proud that he can do what the ‘big people do’…. it’s pretty cute. See for yourself:

That’s about it on this end. We have open gym tomorrow and day after I think we are going to check out a show at Old Town. The weekend…. well, K and D really want to see the new Madagascar movie that just came out. And I have a CCAP au pair event on Sunday. But as always, anything can change and anything can happen in Jarjusey Kunda!

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