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Etsy Inspired – Nakita Baby
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Etsy Inspired

Alright…. I’m on it now. I’ve been inspired and/or just plain kicked in the butt. Several times over the last couple of weeks people have posted on FB about their Etsy stuff, or their friend’s Etsy stuff and I’m sitting here thinking, why don’t I get my act together b/c I have some pretty creative stuff! I mean come on! So I’m gonna do it. Finally. Starting with some babywearing of course. That’s what I have around. And adding the ponchos for kids, adults and babywearers. Then, I look into adding them collectible rock-dudes we made one year for the craft fair. And, I really think I’d like to get my hands on some knitting. I know I won’t sell much, for for much $, but every little bit counts and sure enough things could add up to covering a kid’s class, ya know!?

I’m also turning around on the CCAP thing. I still just really would love love love to move on to natural childbirth teaching, but I really (REALLY) need to get my certification! Can’t pay for that just yet, and if I can pour myself into sales in CCAP, I could make some $$ to cover my aspirations! CCAP feels far less pressured lately b/c I’m not feeling like I’m on the cusp of loosing my job as I was much of last year. I feel at ease, and able to do what I can, when I can. And this freer sense of not having the monkey stress on my back has allowed me to regain some umphf here and get back on the sales spin. Evening doing a child care fair in February!

My goal would be that in the next 3 or less months I have acquired extra funds to help support future endeavors. I would love to be teaching this year, and need to make that happen. Wish me luck!

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