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Whata day. Beginning to question whether down time at home is such a good thing for us. Busy Mondays and Tuesdays, as crazy as they can be, seems to end the day in bliss vs a day at home (attempting to cherish down time) and ending in shere anger. This is the second week like this, and I am actually looking very forward to a chaotic run-around day tomorrow.

So maybe I should not have stayed up till midnight watching the first season of Parenthood ; ) Yes, I may have been able to handle some of the stress of the day more gracefully had I gone to bed at the more usual time. But I admit to getting quite hooked. It’s so much fun catching up on the previous seasons commercial-free! So hard to turn it off. But then…. woke up feeling tired. The kids all woke up waaaaay too early. They too started the day off on the wrong foot. I was awaken with chaos. S screaming over something that had happened in the living room. K over-reacting to whatever that was about, and D just getting in the middle of it all. Then S wanting me to get out of bed to make macaroni and cheese for breakfast. And as I did make it for them, as they all seemed to be on the same page, I got even more irritable when I cut myself an apple, smeared some peanut butter on it, and then each child wanted to eat my breakfast for me. I normally could careless who eats what off my plate, but this AM, that rubbed me the super duper wrong way.

Then I had several (several) episodes of all 3 arguing and fighting quite a bit. So much so that I re-nigged my offer to spend the afternoon at the park with them. I was so drained from all of that by noon that I could not fathom a trek to the park. I needed to wait around for 2 au pairs to swing by to meet with me, neither of which showed up on time. One was over an hour late, so the park was not even an option having that kink in the schedule as well. But the constant fighting. Erg…. I really did explode. Even threatened no classes for a full week it was so bad. Kinda funny to me that the threat of no classes in their routine is like a death threat. They just really love their activities so much. But really…. bottom line is I’m not handling this fighting very well, and dying to figure out a better solution to these types of episodes. It just baffles me that one second they are just sooooo much fun to watch in their very cool cooperative activities and then seconds later, I want to hang them all from their toe nails and duct tape their mouths ; )

I was not encouraged by 2 episodes where I felt that SBJ had completely and utterly undermined my parenting by doing something the complete opposite of what I had just finished saying/doing with the kids. That still is not settling well with me. Had that been reversed he woulda not spoken to me for quite some time being all peeved about my intervening.


I could not wait for bedtime tonight! The silence is literally like winning the lottery tonight. And even more so, me turning in for my early night sleep. Well-needed to better handle my day and challenges for sure.


So…. let’s see. My site was down for a short bit this week, and did not get to tell my funny story about this lady on Mulford Avenue. So I am pretty positive I’ve griped about the parking dilemma here in the neighborhood. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are street cleaning days on every street around us for a half mile. So literally from Tuesday to Thursday, you have to watch carefully where you park, and watch carefully FOR parking! Parking is slim these days and it’s not always easy to find spot despite the street cleaning restrictions. Well, Tuesdays, D has had soccer in the evenings so we have come home and parked on a Tuesday street so that we can leave the car on Wednesdays and not have to move it unless we were going somewhere. This week, same routine, and we parked on Mulford. I had D, S and M with me. K had stayed home with SBJ during soccer. We need to trek down the back alley to get to our place, but this is the closest spot we can find with the restrictions for the following day. It’s rather dark out already and keeping S awake after this long day is not always an easy task, but mandatory to get him to climb into our house on his own w/o me having to carry him AND M home. Alright, so I’m getting everyone out of the car, and this woman walks up to me telling me that I should not be parking on “her” street. She gripes on and on with statements like, “You take up OUR parking”, “You leave your car here for over 5 days”, “You need to go park on your own street”, “You are taking my son’s parking space”…. on and on. I kinda had it out with her. Did not appreciate her approach, nor the fact that she thinks I LIKE parking so far from my house?! Yea, mother of 4 loves to have to trek down a back alley in the dark with her kids and lugging all of the kid-gear, all the way back to her home b/c it’s FUN. Why bother parking in the front of my building, when I could satisfy the masochistic side of me and take up her “son’s”parking space”…..

On a much happier note…. M had her first ever check up with our pediatrician. She did awesome of course. Not a peep. No shots. And Dr. done super quick with us b/c… well…. b/c we’ve done this a few times before probably? BUT what was so awesome to find out is how much she’s grown in just 2 weeks….. she is now 10 lbs 5.5 oz and 23 in. long!!! Yipes! Yes, a pound and a half and 2 inches! She’s doing quite awesome, still a quiet little peanut and still great in the car! (KNOCK-ON-WOOD!!!) I compared her measurements to those of the others at 2 weeks, and she’s got them all beat! Even K that big lil’ oinker. He was the one born with baby rolls, but at 2 weeks, he was not nearly as long as M. However, not too far behind in weight : )

Wish I had pix to share this week, but SOMEone broke our camera (again). It was dropped a little while back and lost the button (the one that actually snaps the shots!!). I had taped it back on and it was functioning for a bit, but now seems to be totally out of commission. Nothing working much at all. Fortunately I had downloaded everything from it before this happened. But unfortunately, not many pix taken this week except a couple on my cell phone (including one of M with a bada mustache AND beard! : )I’ll have to upload those soon. I find that a bit more tricky than the easy-peasy digital camera. Ok, well maybe not so tricky, just more steps involved having to track down my media card. I never know where I’ve stuck that thingy I need to stick the small card that’s in my phone. My small card needs the larger compatible for the computer, and I never know where I’ve left that little thing, so it’s easier to prolong that process.

Good to vent. Good to go to bed early. Tomorrow will feel better b/c of it all. And shop for a new camera! (I can’t even mention how many cameras we’ve gone through since kids!!)

OH… and we are also shopping for cleats…. as her coach has decided (half way through the season) that her cleats are too big for her. Erg. Fortunately, Unique has always seemed to have them there, and we will thrift for a smaller pair. I don’t think it was the fact that he decided this late in the game that this is the fact, but that I was at practice yesterday and he never mentioned it. He emailed me…. and his email etiquette…. yipes. I just wonder if people even think about how their emails can be interpreted before sending them off to people?! But anyway…. looking for ‘better’ cleats for the next 3 games…. But not before we return the ATT modem we’ve had here for over 2 weeks b/c SOMEone has not dropped it off at UPS yet. Erg. Just awaiting the bill from ATT for the #&*$ service we dealt with for a whole 3 days. What an ordeal only to end up back with Comcast. Don’t have much to say about Comcast either, but seem to be the lesser of 2 evils.

Alright…. I think I could find a ton more to gripe about this evening, but need to shut down and go to sleep instead : )

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