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Wow! Now that was fun! I envision, dream and feel the day when I can do that more often! With lots of families and friends gathering under one roof and enjoying good food! Today I hosted my first Mama’s Tea at our place. I think there were at least 10 mama’s in attendance and our place, as small as it is, was full to the brim. It was so wonderful to cook and bake yummy (if I do say so myself : ) foods and have everyone over to enjoy over really fun, entertaining conversation! What a blast! I’m so grateful to all of the moms that did come out to enjoy the afternoon here. I was not totally sure if we’d have a quaint lil’ 4-5 in attendance, of onwards up to 15-20! The rsvp’s trickled and so I was just going on a vague idea. But preparing yummy grub for whomever would come! And it was a GREAT turnout! Only about 3-ish who thought they’d make it, ended up not.

Food?! Well…. an assortment of tea, of course. Then there was a Cajun popcorn, chips and salsa, and roasted chickpeas as munchies. There was dill cucumber salad, and an oriental (cabbage) salad, and a hot potato dish fresh out of the oven. To side your tea? Earthquake cookies (chocolate devil’s food-like), and lemon cake. YUM!

But food ain’t nothing without the great conversation we had among the group. Fun, entertaining and getting to know people better over each and every laugh. I often dream of hosting monthly parties at our place with families, kids and all sorts of excitement going on over good food and enjoying conversation. I hope that when we move this dream materializes and I can enjoy more of that with my family and our friends. Life is too great to let that kind of connection slip away!

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