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Emotional Ringer

This week has felt much like that…. the emotional ringer.

Let’s start with the pregnancy hormones. Up and down. In and out. Eeek. I have been feeling quite awesome, physically…. don’t get me wrong there. However even with that awesomeness there are the emotional hormonal deals that come along with that. You certainly can feel some mood swings which come from nowhere, and usually feel like for no reason. Or at least the reason you may blame for the swing really is not the reason at all 🙂

But as we are in the swinging mode of getting ready to welcome this new wee-one into this (awesome 🙂 family, we got our bigger ones going and growing up on me. The past week or so my 10 y/o has decided she needed to go shopping at the mall with her friends…. alone. Then my oldest decided he needed to go off and enjoy a teen dance! I mean where on earth do these kids get off growing up on me….. and so quickly at that?! 😉

Don’t get me wrong…. don’t miss-read me here. I’m thrilled and elated for them. They are growing and gaining independence. Exploring the world and relationships around them. And truly…. they are doing such an awesome job at that. I’m quite proud of them. It’s just all about me. I’m not supposed to be “that old” to have a kid who’s going to teen dance! I’m having a baby! And…. my daughter is not supposed to go off and “shop the mall” with her friends. She’s my BABY! They know I feel this way about it. They are such great kids they often ask my permission (as if I’d say no to something), but in a way that they know I may just tear up because they are growing up too fast. Sweet…. sweet kiddos.

It’s been a fun week to see the changes, and as I have had the opportunity to digest the emotions and enjoy seeing them venture out into the world and come up proud and confident, it’s been a blast to witness.

Ahhhh…. the winds of change are surely among us!


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