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Eastbound Phase 1 – Nakita Baby
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Eastbound Phase 1

I suppose this trip seems to be boiling down to a 2-3 phase trip. Our first phase….. traveling with SBJ. We left the 18th and headed to UWG. What’s that you ask? The Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gathering. This, I believe, was our 5th year in attendance. We just absolutely love this conference. The kids die for it every single year. It’s held at Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky, OH.  A full week of unschooling fun and hours of waterpark romping. This year….. was rough on me. I don’t think I quite remembered just how hectic our weeks there have been in the past. I’ve never been pregnant there! This year, the 4-5 hours in the waterpark and the comparable amount of time socializing with UWG events was a lot. Going to bed at 12-1am….. and doing it all over again. It was a doozy of week for me personally. I have become quite used to pampering myself…. Climbing into bed well before 10pm to watch an episode or two of Madmen before crashing into dreamland. So that week was a bit exhausting and I was eager to move on to the camping aspect of the trip. I felt it would truly slow down the pace for us and I might at least catch up on some sleep…… that is….. till we arrived in northern NY.

What I did not account for was the “lovely” weather. Day we arrived it was quite chilly…. Only to be welcomed with rain that evening and throughout the night. Keeping our wee-one in a sleeping bag became an all-night challenge, as well as keeping comfortable myself with the back and forth hip flipping. The morning was just greeted with more cold and more rain. Trying to contraption a rain tarp to be able to eat some semi-dry breakfast was the next feet. It was during this moment that tears were hard to fight back. It was cold, and what…. Like the 5th or 6th night of no sleep. I started looking at prices on AirBnB and hotels.com because I just wanted to be warm so badly.

Our troops really rallied though. They truly felt for their preggo sleepy mama and we all got into the car and took off for Niagara Falls. That was the whole point of our trip up that way anyways, so we made it the mission to go and visit. And as if on cue, the clouds began to part and we caught sunshine. We enjoyed the falls and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine the followed. Oh… side note… people should really know this. If you camp at a local state park, you park at the falls for free! That was an added perk to my day. I always love free.

After the falls we went back to camp and enjoyed some warm sunshine, card games, a great campfire dinner, and campfire and s’mores to boot. It ended up being a much better day than anticipated, and then I did actually get a decent night sleep that night. Yesterday was our last day at camp. We decided to stay put and enjoy the camp grounds. Did some hiking, playing at the park, the lake (Ontario) front, more game fun at our site…. Even did the whole shower escapade. Everyone enjoyed finally getting clean!

Today we packed up camp and headed south to Pittsburgh. Visiting our Peace Corps friend, M. Took us quite a while to get down here, but thoroughly enjoyed when we did. Got to see some great views of Pittsburgh, rode the incline and ate at Primanti Bros. to  experience the ‘epic’ Pitts sandwich. A very nice visit indeed.

Sadly SBJ leaves us this evening. He boards Amtrak back to home to earn the green for us to keep going. He’s such a champ. Our next phase (two) is all about D. Well…. A lot about her. We camp for a week first in central PA. Then….. her birthday will be in Hershey…. Enjoying her ever-favorite…. Chocolate. After a weekend romp in Hershey, we head to Hoboken to see if we can track down Cake Boss.

So… updates to come. But here are some pics to enjoy in the meantime.

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