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Due Date Day – Nakita Baby
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Due Date Day

Today was ‘the’ day. Woke up feeling pretty good and as the day wore on…. not so much. Just lots of pressure, cramping and eventually lower back pain/pressure as well. Headed off to see Hillary for hopefully a final check up! Left kiddos at home this time, partly b/c I needed a little escape. Kids were at each others throat today and I was feelin’ it big time. They have had lots going on, and can’t really blame them for the amount of stress they must be sorting out in their little minds. Daddy being home for 7 mos straight and now hardly at all. Baby due in just moments. Classes starting up. Summer ending. Bodies shifting with the seasons, and fighting off the end of colds. So yea…. it’s been a lot. Nonetheless, I needed to run away for a little bit and baby check up was the perfect opportunity. Good thing too b/c Hillary was running behind, or over-scheduled. I sat in the waiting area for quite some time…. which was perfectly fine for me, but if I had the kids with me! Yipes! Woulda been a mess!

Any rate…. baby check I was not feeling hot by then. Told Hillary all about it. Got good blood pressure, baby heartbeat, and then she opted for a pelvic check if I was up for it as well. Part of me did not b/c of what I was feeling, but the greater part of me was really curious to find out just how much work had already been done and how far along we were. My biggest fear over the whole thing is being alone with things start up. So I knowing how far along let me know just how early I would give Hillary a call. I’m feeling like (or maybe wishful thinking) that I”ll get a great night sleep tonight and things will start up tomorrow. Who knows, of course….. BUT Hillary mentioned that I am currently 3.5 cm already, and 80% effaced. So that was a huge relief and excitement for me personally. I feel like this labor is going to be shorter and so excited that we are already that far along! Gonna have to call everyone early this time! But boy…. I’m excited and really really hopeful that this will be a full-moon-baby! (Yep! Tomorrow is an official full moon night!!! ; )

Send all your good labor vibes this way!

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