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D’s first tooth…. lost!

So Friday we were backing up to head to Kenosha for the night (2 days) and on the way we stopped off for lunch…. D bit into her sandwich and sowwy, her first tooth came out! Of course it had been quite loose prior. She’d been working that thing pretty hard before then. She was even having trouble eating that afternoon, but nevertheless…. out it came.

Kenosha was a blast. It’s very much our speed and very heavy thought is being weighed here on whether we will make the move up there. We’re having a hell of a time with our living situation at present. Our landlord has screwed us royally. In the smallest nutshell I can sum it up in, mainly b/c it’s not worth drudging…. the landlord is a broke looser who did not pay the gas bill. Our hot water was shut off. The new landlord has not actually signed on the dotted line yet and sale is not complete. Meantime, no hot water, some convenient vandal let themselves into the boiler room (with a key) to break a pipe down there and create some damage to the hot water heater and then walk out and lock the door behind themselves. We have our suspicions, but despite the police stating this as a crime scene, they won’t listen to us. Meanwhile, we are stuck in a lease to a looser who can’t even pay our gas bill, AND probably will never return our deposit. And if the new landlord decides to actually complete sale and fix the problem, it’s probably just to take over and convert to condo’s so we’d need to move anyway. Regardless, we are pretty sure a move is in the extremely near future…. faster than what we had intended. That’s a bit stressful, but maybe just needed to happen this fast b/c we were waiting out our lease anyway and really feeling ready to move regardless of all of this mess.

So we were up in Kenosha to explore as a possibility as a home to move to and shockingly really loved it. It’s really our pace, and just seems like a really nice place to plant ourselves for awhile. We will have to see how this all pans out… This week we will know what will happen with the water situation and who will take over ownership and just how much time we will have to move. The more time the better b/c I don’t want to have to pack up a family of 5 in a haste b/c of this horrible situation, and not really feel comfortable with where we’re going.

We will see. Life is an incredible journey.

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      Hi there! I have seen your posts at familyrun website (where I long ago lost my password and lurk out of sheer laziness) and have a friend in Evanston, new to the world of unschooling and sloooowly easing her way in. I would love to hook her up with you if you're willing, she (and her kiddos) could use the support (and friendship). If you're open to that, you can email me at gratefulmama at knology dot net and I'll send her your email addy! Good luck w/the moving decision and activity…I'm also mama to 3 and I hope to never move again! 🙂

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