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Just the other night I had this dream, the kind that you never forget, where the feeling carries on with you throughout the days. I was in a place (a place I knew quite well) and it was dark and I had this feeling of being held trapped or captive in this place. M was with me, but I had a sense that she was me. I was there, she was there, but she was also me….. little girl. I held her hand tight the majority off this dream. She was not at all afraid and she did not seem to understand that we were being held captive.  I knew that we were, and was finding a way to escape before the captors came back to check on us. Fumbling around in the dark and trying several different attempts to escape and failing, my anxiety begins to rise. I’m eager to find a place in which we are able to free ourselves. I hear someone approaching so its even more imperative that I find this escape now! And just like that I find this window with lots and lots of light which I am able to finagle out of with M in tow. The high adrenaline feeling quickly shifts  from high intensity to a sense of calm, serenity and peace as we walk further and further away from this place. I recall looking back only once, and as the distance from us and this place increased, the peace increased.

These powerful feelings and images are lingering with me even today. It is very indicative of some things going on with me right now. I knew, immediately, what this dream was addressing and it was quite powerful to have stayed with me at this point in time. Many times, I don’t remember dreams. Let alone feelings from dreams. It is wonderful to have captured this in the morning light, and even more so that it has carried with me.


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