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Down and….

Feeling a little down and out today. Maybe, in part, due to the nasty weather. This week we sawsnow in April, and it’s been cold and drizzly ever since. No sunshine can be hard, especially at this time of the year! But, really, what’s got me so incredibly bummed lately is my family’s total and utter complete lack of family (connections). I, for one, cherish my husband and children SO much, words can not even describe. I also just can NOT understand how my family not only seem to careless about family roots and nourishing connections, but just so desperately can’t seem to stand to be with us… more than just holiday times. It is insanely important to me that my children have a better foundation and planted roots with their family, and that they realize just how much I want to share as much as possible with them in their lives (now AND when they are grown with their own families). It breaks my heart when they personally feel like their are unwanted by extended family, and even more so when it is expressly out in the open that family is just kinda sick of us.

I would not be one to deny the fact that I’d be super sensitive to someone else’s rejection of me or my kids. I think that pretty much anyone would be. I mean, what’s not to love about us? : ) I, however, maybe harbor it longer than others, and wish to high hell I could figure out how to just let that go much quicker than I do. BUT, when it comes to family, and you anticipate that your extended family would want to just “eat you all up”… especially my kiddos, I just sit flabbergasted and a little depressed at the fact that despite the same blood flowing through our veins…. we are just not wanted around.

How does one get past that kinda thing? How do you move on and attempt to recreate something better for your children and their generations to come when you have not much to build on? And, how oh how, can you possible have a healthy balance of “taking what you can get” and not feeling totally hurt by the rejection to come?

I don’t know…. left to ponder that one, for quite some time to come I’m sure.

In the meantime…. I have a hot date with my hubby this evening ; ) 
AND, I found THIS really cool FB page that makes me happy! ; )

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