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Yep…. that’s me. Serious denial that fall classes, well at least a few of them, are underway starting tomorrow. I’m just not ready for it. Really, just not ready for the idea that weather is changing and that winter is on its way. I was super good about our schedule this fall, so not really anticipating a whole lot of stress on that end. I was very smart about all the kiddos needed and what I would need in return. We have a full 2 days off in the week that are complete done-time for mama. And I’m thrilled with that schedule. As long as this baby agrees to come ‘on time’ or with in the few days to follow, we’re good-to-go! ; )

This season’s schedule…. Monday’s K has Engineering Fundamentals with Legos, super cool. D has Art History. Tuesday’s I drop D at Girl Scouts, and then K off at his Nightmare Before Xmas class/rehearsals. Drive back to scoop up D and bring her and S back to K’s class where he continues on to Richard III meets Star Wars class/rehearsals, and D and S take a family art class. Then, to top off D’s day, she has an hour soccer practice in the evening. OH, that reminds me, Monday is not complete without D’s gymnastics class! Then we have mama’s Wed. and Thurs. off. But the local gym is offering an open gym on Thursdays for us homeschoolers, which we may take advantage of when the weather really turns sour. Till then, going to adjust to being mama to 4!

Alrighty… what’s left? Fridays just a short 45 min in the AM D, S and new baby are doing family time music with Ms Leah! That oughta be really fun. S misses her and we could not squeeze in his class on Tuesdays due to the chaotic schedule then, so we opted for a family class where more than 1 would benefit. It will be lots of fun I am sure. I would bet that K even partakes some of the time.

Other than that… Sunday soccer. Brings me back to my childhood! Sunday afternoon AYSO. D is taking it on this year and she is really excited. I hope its a really warm and fun experience for her. I always had fun doing it as a kid, and hope she has the same experience!

See, so I did well on the schedule this season. I can’t complain. I just don’t like the idea that with these classes we are now calling the season fall and inevitably…. winter. I am not at all ready for winter this year, and ugh… it’s just not very welcomed in my book.

And…. this Wed we have our 38 week check-up! Yup. Picking up the water/birthing tub this week as well. We will be 100% officially ready to go at any time now. Though looking at my schedule, baby has to come Wed. through Fri. if coming early : ) Or… just wait till 22nd due date. That’s ok too. I am beginning to wonder if I expect to accomplish too much before due date, or if I’m gonna go later anyway. I’d love to just get to the 20th at the very least. Baby can come on the 21st or any day after….. then I’d have accomplished all with work, and classes up and running. Everyone would have gotten their first of every class visit and we’ll be feeling pretty in the swing of things and ready for lil’ one to bless us with his/her presence.

I’m dying to know if this is boy or girl. Really…. I think I’m back on the girl-vibe…. but would not be shocked if it were a boy. But so excited to meet this lil’ one!

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