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Deja Moo

Saw this on FB tonight, and I feel this may become one of my favorite mottoes…. Deja Moo; The feeling that you’ve heard/seen this bull somewhere before.

This week week… heck this month has been a bit nutty. I have found myself way-over-committed and the inability to say ‘no’ to too many things. But its all been so good as well, so it’s just hard to (say no). But we are thick in the halloween celebration preparations and that’s been so exciting. This year we are celebrating big, possibly the biggest of all the halloween dance party that I am planning for the EHE community families. It’s going to be quite the dance of the year! ; )

We are also getting ready for 2 separate crafting fairs. One is for me specifically and the other for the kids, but I seem to be involved in all of it of course! ; ) Everyone has found some really fun stuff to make that they are really excited about and hope to sell lots of. I’d be happy just to find the time to craft frankly!

Babysitting has been going very well! We love our little E and he’s become more at home amongst our chaos. It’s fun to see him in the mornings and he has become more and more playful with everyone each week he’s been coming. We really lucked out finding such a great family to pair up with! I know oh-too-well that it can very easily be the exact opposite.

Classes are in FULL swing and in the midst of it all, and I am already looking for the light at the end of that tunnel. I have come to the resolution that even if I try to limit the enrollment to 2 classes each (well, 1 for the littles) that it still adds up to SO much. Likewise, there are always so many cool add-ons, like a 1 day workshop on with Tibetan Monks that K is doing next week, or a 3 day horseback ridding lesson I found on group for D, a free science class offering at a new lab that just opened up, random roots and shoots gatherings, pirates, pen pals, and the other things on my “to plan” list that I have no clue where to fit in. Needless to say, it’s already been an eventful year, and looking forward to a ton more.

In the meantime, if I could find just 1-2 days a week where I could sneak in a mid-day nap, and just another 1-2 days where I could get some more done on my certification, I’d be thrilled. That’s been a challenge and some days more than others weighs on me heavily. I don’t want to loose ground on my certification process, and certainly ready to move on. Slowly but surely I hope to have gotten further along than I am at this point, and feel much better about that process.

Till then…. deja moo.

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