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Deck the Halls! – Nakita Baby
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Deck the Halls!

So the kids have not even gotten to Thanksgiving yet and they have been begging me to set up the Christmas decorations already! They wanted to enjoy them starting a week ago! We have finally done so today. It was quite fun actually…. this year D was quite in to doing all of the decorating *with* me! (I usually seem to man that process alone!) So it was quite fun that she was at that point that she really wanted to help and was really in the spirit. She was quite excited as things came out of the storage boxes…. all the while K was on YouTube checking out Bionicles videos directing us at what was right and wrong and what should go where. When we’d sit to rest for a minute, he’d say “is that it? You did not do ‘x’ task yet!” (As if we did not figure this out already! ; )

S was quite thrilled to play with the fake tree and pull himself up on stuff. I think the excitment was just overwhelming b/c he totally refused to let himself nap this morning. It was well into the early afternoon before he crashed from it all.

So our home is quite decorative already! I am eager to buy just a couple more light strands. If its one thing that bugs me more than anything…. those light strands that you put safely in a storage box, only to not work just one year later… Like I’m going to sit down and check out all 100 lights on the strand to figure out which one it is not working!

In other news….
Hermies have been very very interesting so we decided to add 4 more to the clan. Making them 8 in all. We have “Mr. Turkey”, and “Bruce”, “Spiderman” and one teeny tiny little guy in a pretty unpainted shell…. let’s call him “PeeWee” as the kids have not yet deemed him a name of their own yet.

Makes for a lot more action in the tank, and I think we will soon witness someone’s changing of shells! Very cool! (Hopefully we get to witness this…. I guess I should add, as I think they mostly do this at night.)

We have a new handcrafted game in the works! It is a sort of trivia adventure game and it’s been SO much fun to put together. It is still in the works though, so I guess details will have to be relinguished much later.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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