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Dear D – Nakita Baby
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Dear D

Happy 5th Birthday my precious princess…. spitting image of myself. You were born to me to teach me so much of who I am and so much of who I was not allowed to be. You are an amazing young lady with a heart larger than most I know at wise old ages. It’s because of you that I have learned so much about myself at this age, and as your mommy. You make me want to be a better mommy each and every day! Your gumption and ability to just be who you are is admirable. You are a precious, tough girl. You have a warm personality and a spark that sets my mind a miss! You can push my buttons till I want to rip my head off, and yet I understand you exactly and know exactly who you are! You are an amazing wonder in my life and I love, cherrish and respect you in every aspect of your being, personality, soul and spirit. Happy happy birthday you awesome gal!
Love, Mommy

We had an amazing birthday celebration! Started last week with a gathering of friends at Wagner Farm. Everyone brought their own family picnic’s and we brought yummy chocolate/chocolate cupcakes. The kids had a true blast running around in the amazing weather, and just as we were wrapping up the day, it started to drizzle. The weather could not have cooperated any better! It was an awesome day. D even said “this was the best birthday ever!” ; )

That evening we met Grandpa and Aunt J at Baker’s Square for dinner. That was a fun and mellow gathering. She had a blast. Enjoyed company of Aunt J who’s been living in CA lately, so this was an extra special visit/person to celebrate. And of course Grandpa… she truly loves her Grandpa. That was super nice.

The day of her actual b-day (May 31st) we had a fun brunch with Grandma at Leona’s. Gathered for yummy food. Grandma enjoyed sitting next to her and they had a nice time. Shea was a little tired of restaurants by this point, so poor Seringe was doing a lot of juggling in and out of the restaurant and actually trying to get some food in the belly, but we all had a really nice time.

Fortunately after brunch S fell asleep which made the next activity easier to accomplish…. pottery painting. This was a new thing for D and she loved it just as much as (if not more than) I thought she would! It was really fun. K painted something as well. That was really nice for D to see him enjoy something she liked so much. They’ve been butting heads the last couple of weeks, so for him to be that invested in her b-day was really really special. They had fun and SBJ and I had fun helping paint as well. It was really nice.

Back home she opened a slew of presents from all of us. I have no clue how I accumulated as many presents as I did, but she made out this year! ; ) But she sure did appreciate every single second and every single gift. And of course…. chocolate/chocolate cake to top off the whole celebration!

Yea! We LOVE birthdays!!!!

As tough as that girl is, she’s just a softy at heart.
We love you D!

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