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D and the Chocolate Factory – Nakita Baby
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D and the Chocolate Factory

So one of the may big questions from D lately are the “how too’s”…. She is extremely inquisitive about the “how’s” of certain things…. at the top of the list being “How is paper made?” and “How is chocolate made?”

We have had several books out from the library exploring the background and “how” of the process’ but even more phenominal was our visit to the nearby chocolate factory who provided us with a phenominal tour of the factory!

In my research of attempting to find a factory that would give us a tour, I found that sinc 9/11 many nearby factories (including Blommers) does not even offer tours any longer. I was told that since this huge tragedy that the FDA has set such high regulations on their companies that many factory tours have been abandon completely. So I was unable to find a ‘true’ factory that processed chocolate from the actual cacao bean (YES it IS cacoa…. NOT cocoa!). Those pesky importer/exporters bobbled the name way-back-when and nowadays, you won’t hear anyone pronounce it properly! Interesting, eh?

So the factory we found, able to give us a tour said that the could do so, but not from the bean…. I was not expecting a great deal from this tour, as it was only $2 per person, and we would not see the bean-process…. but MAN was I wrong!

It was a phenominal day! We learned SO much about the history of the company and the development of cacao, it was remarkable. Saw many things that will remain embedded. What an awesome field trip! Here are some pic’s to share our fantastic outing (though we were not allowed to take pic’s of the inside production).

Awaiting outside before our tour…. checking out the “how to” books we brought along from the library:

Inside, waiting for our tour to begin…. with a very interesting and informative video and talk with our tour guide:

Cacao bean dispay, sample pods as well!

3000 pound Statue of Liberty carved from chocolate as tribute to 9/11:300 lbs. chocolate pizza!

After our tour we were given a goodie bag and a discount card to buy goodies in the outlet shop. This is after our first ‘dose’ of chocolate for the day! = )


Now…. the “how to”…. at home:


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