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Just finished watching Shutter Island… I’m still a little creeped out by it and wonder if I’ve become much more of a wimp in my motherhood years. It was a bit disturbing, and I think I’m really glad I never did end up seeing it on the big screen. I think that would have been a bit harder to take in. It was excellent of course. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favs and he of course was amazing in it. But the shere psychology of it was a step beyond disturbing for me to take in. Of course, everyone here is asleep and I need to defunct from that one before even attempting to get to sleep tonight!

Today was a super duper cool day. I had a few freecycle items to pick in transit to Glenview. We were not overly certain if a Craigslister was gonna show up to see a dresser we were selling/storing at my dad’s so we made the attempt regardless. She did not end up showing, but we picked some peppers from our garden and headed over to The Grove. The last 2 days have been remarkable in terms of temperature. A prego-mama’s best friend really. Not a bit o’ swelling and it’s just so pleasant to make it through a day with a bit more energy and not feeling run over by a mac truck. As much as I really don’t want to admit fall and winter on around the corner, this relief in temp as been quite wonderful and highly cherished. So…. really enjoyed The Grove, and the fact that we actually had some SBJ-time. He’s been so wiped out, that days we hardly see him at all. He fell asleep with the kids last night and had a bit of energy to spend the day with us. He passed out with them this evening as well.

But in between, we did steal some wake time with a wander around The Grove, and the weather was just perfectly amazing. It was the feel of fall, but with green trees and blue skies. The kids ran around and we wandered the paths. It has not rained much at all lately, so it wasn’t at all buggy, which was most appreciated by all : ) We then headed out for a later lunch and early dinner. A friend of mine had given me a gift card to The Cheescake Factory. I, for one, had never been and so I did not know what to expect. I know… probably the only person on earth who has not been. But I was not the only one among the 5 of us! We did thoroughly enjoy a meal out. Have not had many of those lately. We stuffed ourselves silly and waddled home to enjoy an evening around the house.

I think my favorite quote of the day was K; “Mommy, I’m having so much fun this feels like a dream.” Priceless. We just have not had much of that family-time lately where both mommy and daddy are present. Today was just one of those great days. The sunshine sure helped the occassion as well! And just what I, personally, needed after an emotional week this week. Things with the mama-daughter group certainly went arye this week, and I was feeling quite bummed to be caught up in the drama of it all (details later when I feel I’ve had time to process it more). But yes…. today was a matter of good timing and the stars aligning right.

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