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Crafty Beavers – Nakita Baby
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Crafty Beavers

Today was our first day of the craft fair and it went really pretty well! We had a few sales, but really the kids just had a super blast. K had a few minor meltdowns b/c he did not sell as he had envisioned his artwork would sell and he had a really hard time taking that in. But once he purchased his new magic wand and was playing with his friends, most of that subsided till we got home and he proceeded to have another meltdown b/c other friends went home with more money. Rough going. But overall, I’d say it was a super great day. Pretty decent traffic for a Friday afternoon and hopefully tomorrow brings many more! D had a blast catching up with friends, swapping crafts and making new friends. S, his usual ham-self, downed his new sith helmet and magic wand and was running with the big kids. He had a blast for sure. And excited to go back tomorrow.

In other news, Miss M had her 2 week check up. Well… she’s about 9-ish weeks now, about to be 10 weeks officially, but I kinda feel like once you get to the official 2 month mark, you have to stop counting in weeks and resort to months (and/or halves of months : ) At any rate, her 2 month mark was the 25th and her 2 month check up just a week later. So we’re close enough! She was totally awesome during the visit, of course. As charming as always, smiley and giggling. She weighed in at a delicious 14 lbs 12 oz and 26 in long. And then…. proceeded to pee all over Dr. E’s exam table. I kinda felt he was lucky he avoided a poop scene b/c I heard the grunt as he was testin’ her out on her belly : )

All is well in J-land. I hear rumors of snow and lots of it. I hope it comes later than their are threatening. It’s so much easier to deal with the first big snow while not having to be, or go, anywhere. But even aside, not only do we need to get to the craft fair, we want OTHERS to come too! Who else would trek on out to the craft fair with all the snow!? So it would be awesome for it to hold off just a bit, if it even needs to come at all!

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