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Country Mouse, City Mouse – Nakita Baby
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Country Mouse, City Mouse

So recently we went to this really cool, fun beekeeping class out at Deerpath Farms. Cool little ‘community’… ironically not very community involved. It’s a wonderful development that is purposely underdeveloped to give a large sense of surrounded by nature. The home we met at was beautiful and since then I’ve been doing some contemplating.

First off…. here’s the cool class ; )

And then the contemplating…
Well I occassionally feel like a fish out of water. I feel like the country mouse living in the city. And no matter how much I try to be the country mouse, the pressure of the ‘nature’ of the city is so influential that I don’t feel I’m following my heart all that often. And I’m not even sure I know how else to describe that.
The need to go, go, go by most city mice does not mesh well with me. I am very at ease layin’ low, movin’ slow and enjoying the whole day on one idea. Being this type of personality, I find it excrutiatingly difficult to maintain this desire with the pressures of what all the other mice do around us! And the more I’m coming to this realization, I recognize that our kiddos are kinda much the same way. Not something I would have necessarily noticed had I not really taken ownership of it myself.
Anyway…. that pondering has grown expenentially and I think it’s now time to take it a bit more seriously. I whole-heartedly feel that I’d rather drive 40-60 minutes to our city mice for the day than to force us country mice into the life(style) of city dwellers. We love to explore and our adventures to the city would be just that. But it’s time to fit the round peg into the round hole.

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