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Life decisions….
Right now the major one on the plate is whether to move “right now” or wait till the end of our lease? Some might ask, “why now?” Well….. because we can. Because the market is pretty good right now. We have looked a few places, we even found one we like a lot. My hang up is that it does not have the yard I swear I was moving for. When we decided this was the year to move (for sure), we all agreed that we really wanted an outdoor space to call a part of home….. a nice (even if tiny) yard. This one place we found and everyone loves a lot is because it is really quite beautiful. The owner took care to pay attention to each and every detail and really made it imperative to make this place a home. It’s huge…. nearly two and half times the space we have now. It would add a great deal to our outward rental monthly payment, and…. it has next-to-no yard. None at all in the back, and only a 10-15 foot sliver in the front before the street. Granted it is at the end of a dead-end street. Super quiet for a busy Chicago neighborhood. And the times we’ve been its seemed quite peaceful.

If we opt to move now we would need to find someone to take over our lease. Not that big a deal as we do have quite a steal here in E-town. Our rent is super low for the space we have in the town we live in. We would need to do this big change by/on May 1st just weeks before we take off for a cross-country road trip. We would need to be prepared to pay a significant amount more….. which we already were…. but for a house. Not a space in a 3-flat.

Well there, I think I just solved my own contemplations. I wonder how the rest of the family will respond?? As SBJ is always quite supportive of my thoughts and contemplations, I hope I don’t crush the gentle soles who have already picked out each of their rooms….

I think we have to have faith in the fact that there will be plenty more available for us to look at this summer, not to mention more time to move and settle in. It feels like the better decision to wait out the rest

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