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A Little Group of a Particular Type of Homeschooler-Libertyville, IL    (MeetUp Group)
They aim to be an open, welcoming, and embracing group for a wide spectrum of home education families.





Bright Eyed Learners-Plainfield, IL     (MeetUp Group)
This group is for those already homeschooling or curious about homeschooling young children from preK to about 3rd grade in the Plainfield/Joliet area.





Central Illinois AP Homeschoolers (CentralILAPHomeschoolers)
This is a group of attachment parents who choose to homeschool our children. They reside in Central Illinois. They practice different aspects of attachment parenting. Most importantly, they choose to listen to and respect their children by following their cues and meeting their needs with an emphasis on raising happy children first and foremost!

This group is secular. They are a group of all different religions and backgrounds, and all should be respected. They all choose different methods of homeschooling. They choose what works best for their families!

This group was made to provide support for all of the challenges that homeshooling and parenting can bring! Together they enjoy playdates, homeschool days, field trips, good conversation, and most of all…..friendships!




Central Illinois Gited Network- Central IL
Are you homeschooling a gifted child in Central Illinois? Then, welcome to your support group! This group was started in hopes of creating a network of local families who are homeschooling gifted children.


Central Illinois Secular Families (CISecularFamilies)
This group is for finding / developing social activities for secular families (homeschool & non-homeschool) and their supporters. They have been searching for non-religious social activities, but have found almost nothing for secular families in many central Illinois communities (Decatur, Clinton, Bloomington, Normal, Forsyth, Lincoln, etc. IL). They also proudly homeschool their children and would enjoy meeting other homeschoolers and their supporters.

All spiritual paths have merit. Many seem to be especially receptive to the beliefs of others such as: reiki, shamanism, Buddhism, positive energy, Hindu, pagan, humanist, atheist, eclectic (of course).

Activities in the past: drum circle, CHERT ( kid’s rock club with CIGMC ), youth community group
Activities in the future: reading club, science club, play groups ( Weldon Springs, Fairview Park, Miller Park, etc.), paddling / kayak / canoe, hiking, etc.



Chicago Area Homeschool Field Trips (CAHFT)
A group of homeschooling parents dedicated to providing local field trips and group classes in the Chicago Metropolitan Area by taking advantage of discounts and special privileges given to groups versus individuals. Parents volunteer to organize events geared towards the age, interest and benefit of their students. Each event or part of it is usually aimed at a specific age or grade range. Any member may organize trips, and post events sponsored by other groups. Some trips fill quickly, so RSVP ASAP. CAHFT listowner takes no responsiblity for communication or money exchanged between members. Everyone is expected to act in good faith and with good judgement.




Chicago Homeschool Coop (CHC)
CHC aims to provide community and support for homeschooling and unschooling families in the Chicago area. CHC is an inclusive group. They welcome members regardless of their religious beliefs or non-belief. Their members are diverse in our homeschooling styles, philosophies, race, ages, and experiences. They value this diversity and aspire to learn and grow with their children by sharing their time, resources, skills and interests. As they strengthen their community within the group, they also hope to participate meaningfully in our larger community.

To become a member of the CHC, they ask that you live in Chicago (or near suburb) and be homeschooling your child(ren) full time. (Or if your child is pre- school aged, you are intending to homeschool. The yahoo group is not a “discussion list”, it is for communication between members and is restricted to active members. They ask that you come to a meeting before you join the yahoogroup. Meeting times are Wednesdays from 1-4pm.




The Chicago Gifted Children Meetup- Chicago, IL     (MeetUp Group)
This meetup group is a parent based support group for parents of gifted children in the Chicago area. They meet bi-monthly in a member’s home to discuss the challenges, questions, complexities, and exhilarations of parenting our gifted children.





The Chicago Homeschool Meetup Group- Chicago, IL     (MeetUp Group)
The Chicago Homeschool Group is designed to give homeschooling children and parents an opportunity to have fun and build relationships with other homeschoolers.





Chicagoland Homeschoolers Inclusive Play & Support (CHIPS_Illinois)
CHIPS_Illinois (Chicagoland Homeschoolers Inclusive Play & Support) is an inclusive, secular group for all types of homeschooling families. Whether you’re unschooling, using a more eclectic approach, employing an educational program like Montessori or Waldorf, or curriculum like Sonlight, you’ll feel welcome at CHIPS. Their families come from Plainfield, Naperville, Aurora, Joliet, Romeoville, Downers Grove, and other Chicago area suburbs. Their goal is to provide opportunities for social interaction and creative play for their children as well as a place for parents of different homeschool philosophies to meet and interact. Their only request is that everyone respect each others philosophical and religious differences.



C.H.I.L.D. (CHILD_Illinois) –
C.H.I.L.D. (Chicagoland Homeschoolers Inclusively Learning and Discovering) is a group for families in the western suburbs (primarily DuPage county) of Chicago who seek to connect with others for support, ideas, and enjoyment. The group is secular and inclusive, with children currently ranging in age from infants to teens. All are welcome!

Playgroups and meet-ups will typically be on Fridays within the general areas of Elmhurst (NE border) and Woodridge (SW border). However, as the group strives to be member-driven, dates and locations may vary. When applying to join the group, You will be asked to provide a brief introduction including your location and age(s) of your child(ren). This is for informational and planning purposes only.

They are a small but friendly group and look forward to meeting you!




Christian Family Homeschool Co-op-  Joliet, IL
They are a group of Christian homeschooling families that have joined together in an Educational Co-op to help each other add to our Home School experience.




Christian Chicago Area Relaxed Educators-   Chicago, IL
They are a Christian group of homeschoolers living in the Chicago area who are committed to a lifestyle of learning in a relaxed way. At the present time, this group provides support for parents in the form of a monthly book group.




Cornerstone Homeschool Co-op- Elgin, IL     (MeetUp Group)
Cornerstone is a private Christ-centered cooperative group designed to offer enrichment classes for Preschool-8th grades homeschooling families.





Crossroads Area Home School Association- Bloomington, IL
Crossroads Area Home School Association represents the efforts of over 200 families near Bloomington, IL who have chosen to homeschool their children. CAHSA was formed to create a sense of community as well as to provide an easily accessible network of communication and resources which will better equip parents, enhance the experience for students, and educate local communities about the viability of homeschooling.



Decatur Area Homeschool Network (Decatur_hs_network)

The Decatur Area Homeschool Network is a dedicated group of homeschool families from the Greater Decatur Illinois area. Members of this network share homeschool information and available community resources for their homeschooled students and families. With the mutual goal of providing the best education possible for their children, this group is meant to be a source of support and information for experienced and inexperienced homeschoolers alike.

In this group, all members agree to abide by a code of Christian conduct. All correspondence within the group will focus on the topic of homeschooling. Individual family traditions and theologies may differ, but they are united in Christ as Christian brothers and sisters. Respect for each other and godly attitudes should be evident in all group communication and activities.

This is an e-group, thus all information is diseminated through e-mail. Information about outside group activities or educational opportunities will be posted regularly. Discussion topics relevant to education are welcomed. All members are invited to participate. List moderators will assist in keeping posts relevant to homeschooling. If it is decided a discussion thread is inappropriate, disrespectful, or too controversial, list members will be asked to discontinue the thread. If a persistant problem occurs, a member may be asked to leave the e-group.



DeKalb H.O.U.S.E. (DeKalb_HOUSE) –
H.O.U.S.E. is an acronym for Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience, an Illinois network of support groups for homeschoolers. The purpose of this network is to support families in exercising their right to homeschool regardless of age, color, creed, ethnic background, family composition, financial condition, gender, learning disabilities, race, religion (or lack thereof), sexual preference, or special education needs.

They require a $3.00 annual fee for membership. They also ask families to attend a couple of group functions (monthly meeting, field trip, or group event) to have access to the message board.


 DuPage AP Homeschoolers (dupageaphomeschool) –
DuPage county Illinois and surrounding areas, homeschooling, unschooling, eclectic schoolers.
This group was started as an extension of the DuPage Attachment Parenting group for the families who homeschool and have children who are of school age.




Evanston Home Educator’s (EHE) –
Evanston Home Educators is a group of homeschooling parents in and around Evanston who gather together to help each other create learning and social opportunities for their children. EHE provides support, ideas, information, and opportunities for group classes and field trips . A member of the umbrella group H.O.U.S.E. (Home-Oriented Unique Schooling Experience), our group is non-sectarian, and our members have many different approaches to and reasons for homeschooling.

You may join their yahoo group after becoming a paid member to the group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/E-H-E/



Fox Valley Homeschoolers- Oswego, IL     (MeetUp Group)
If you’re a homeschooling parent living in the Fox Valley area who is looking for fellow homeschoolers to connect with then this is the group for you!





Great Lakes Home Educators Online (GLHE_Online)
Welcome to GLHE Online! The purpose of this group is to connect homeschooling military families assigned to Naval Station Great Lakes.




Great Values Home Schoolers- Elgin, IL     (MeetUp Group)
This is a home schooling group for families of all faiths who have dedicated ourselves to ensuring our children grow up with excellent values and a quality education.





Happy Hearts Homeschoolers- Rockford, IL     (MeetUp Group)
Happy Hearts Homeschoolers is a homeschooling play and support group for families who are homeschooling K-5th grade who would like to get together for some fun park and play days without classes being involved.




Holistic Learners Homeschool Group- St. Charles, IL    (MeetUp Group)
Holistic Learners Homeschool Group is a non-directed support group made up of open-minded homeschoolers of all ages, that puts our children’s education safely in our own hands. This group does not only focus on the academic portion of schooling, but teaching the whole child – mind, body and soul to create life long learners.




Homeschool Dads in Central Illinois (homeschool_dads) –
This group will serve as a meeting place and information exchange for Central Illinois area homeschool Dads. Fathers who are considering homeschooling their children are welcome as well. Here, Fathers can discuss homeschool issues, ask questions, exchange ideas about curriculum, share activities and schedule get togethers.




Homeschool Village- Streamwood, IL    (MeetUp Group)
Meetup to join other Catholic homeschooling families for educational and social events in the Lake County, IL area. You do not have to be a Lake County resident to become a member. Come join us to celebrate the blessings of faith, family, and homeschooling on the go!





Homeschool Village Enrichment Co-op- Streamwood, IL     (MeetUp Group)
Home School Village Enrichment (HSVE) is committed to providing families with a high quality, low cost enrichment program that compliments the home schooling experience and provides a safe and nurturing environment for children and their families to grow in learning and fellowship with other Christian home schoolers.




Homeschooling Spiritually Gifted Kids- Algonquin, IL    (MeetUp Group)
This is a unique Homeschooling group for moms and dads who have been frustrated with the school systems and decided to take control of their child’s education.




HOPE (HOPE_homeschool_group_Illinois) –
HOPE is a support group for Christian homeschoolers primarily serving the northside of Chicago and the near north suburbs. This is a group only for members of the HOPE support group to communicate with each other. If you request to join, please put your identifying information in your email. Thanks!




Illinois Homeschool Happenings (ILHSHappenings)
This list is for posting any and all EVENTS for, about or of interest to homeschoolers in the entire state of Illinois including but not limited to: field trips, classes, concerts, plays, parties, meetings, lectures, discussion groups, play dates and homeschool group curriculum/used book sales, etc. This is NOT a discussion or chat list! Also, items “for sale” or “want to buy” posts are not permitted.



Illinois H.O.U.S.E.(Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience)
This list, offered by Illinois H.O.U.S.E.(Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience) is open to all Illinois homeschoolers. This list is for the discussion of inclusive homeschooling in Illinois in all of its many forms and the joys that go along with it.

If you are not a member of Illinois H.O.U.S.E. please visit us at <http://www.illinoishouse.org>!

All views and opinions posted by individual HOUSE members are the views and opinions of that member and do not represent the views of IL HOUSE. By submitting and/or reading any opinion posted on this site, you agree that said content is user-generated content. Any information posted on this site is the opinion of the author only and IL HOUSE does not endorse, nor is it responsible for the accuracy or reliability of, any opinion, advice, or statement made by anyone other than an authorized IL HOUSE spokesperson speaking in his/her official capacity. IL HOUSE reserves the right to edit and/or remove any content submitted in its sole discretion. You hereby consent to such removal and waive any claim against us arising out of such removal of content.


Jasper County Christian Home Educators-  Jasper County, IL
This is a group for Christian Homeschoolers in Jasper County Illinois. Please feel free to discuss anything regarding homeschooling and legal issues that may confront us.

Lake Shore Homeschoolers 
They are a cooperative of homeschooling families in the Chicago area inclusive of all homeschooling methods, race, religious, and political views. This message board is for members to share homeschool-related information and resources. To join this listserv, please become a member of Lake Shore Homeschoolers. Membership requires that families come to at least one meeting with their children and to fill out a membership form.
Lincoln, IL Home Educators Network- Lincoln, IL
LIHE is a communication and support network for home educating families of all backgrounds living in the Lincoln, IL area, including Atlanta, Beason, Clinton, Elkhart, Emden, Hartsburg, Lawndale, Mason City, Middletown, Mt. Pulaski, New Holland, and surrounding areas.
Lombard Home Educators (LombardHomeEducators) –
This is a networking/support group for home educating families in Lombard, IL.
Any homeschooling family in Lombard, Illinois is welcome to join.

McHenry Co. Homeschool Happenings- McHenry County, IL
The homeschooling community of McHenry County, IL is widespread and diverse. This e-group is designed to help families in McHenry County stay in touch with one another, share the group events with one another, and help themselves find the local resources needed to succeed beyond our wildest dreams.




Many Rivers Unschoolers-  west and southwest Chicago suburbs
They are a group of families that have come together to support one another and share their journey as unschoolers. As unschoolers, they have chosen to be facilitators in the life learning journey of their children, trusting that they are naturally curious.


Muslim Homeschoolers of Greater Chicago- Chicago, IL
This group is designed to facilitate communication between members of our homeschool group.



Near Oak Park Homeschoolers (nearparkersIL) –
A group only for homeschoolers who live in near Oak Park Illinois: Forest Park, River Forest, Berwyn, Near Chicago, etc. They provide local contact and events, information, support and encouragement to Oak Park area families with children ages 0 to 18 who homeschool or are interested in homeschooling. This is to be an inclusive list, so while you may certainly identify your religious interests as it affects your home education program, they will not encourage comparative religion discussions. And different philosophies of homeschooling are welcome (unschooling, classical, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, Montessori, etc) but, BE KIND to each other. Posting of play groups, field trips, events, organizations and homeschool websites is welcome. But please do not post any affiliated links or advertisements. This is group is open-minded and OT posts are welcome as long as they are not too far off beat. This group used to be called nearparkers. We are usually a low traffic group.
NCSAA – Homeschool Sports in Illinois (NCSAA_Illinois) –
The National Christian School Athletic Association assists homeschooling families nationally who are seeking an opportunity for their children to participate in athletics.This is NCSAA’s Homeschool Athletic News and Help Group for families in the state of Illinois. The most significant benefit of being a part of this group is the opportunity to interact with other homeschooling families from Illinois who have an interest in athletics — to ask questions, receive assistance and encouragement, and provide information and support for other families. In addition, you’ll receive athletic news relevant to your region (events, opportunities, and news regarding homeschoolers and athletics).
Northside Unschoolers Group (NUG)
A group only for participants of this Chicago area based homeschooling group. For a list of their current activities, see www.northsideunschoolers.org. Feel free to attend any of their free, on-going events, such as Park Days, Beach Days, Parents Support Group meeting, etc. They request that families attend a few of the group’s events before joining the email list.

They will provide information, support and encouragement to Chicago area families with children ages 0 to 18 who unschool or are interested in unschooling. Unschooling is child-led or child initiated learning. They also provide a variety of activities, classes and events to all interested homeschoolers.

Off The Beaten Path (OTBP) –

Off the Beaten Path is an inclusive support network of unschooling families based in Lake County, Illinois. OTBP was founded in July of 2000 by some moms who met through La Leche League and wanted to form a local support group for unschoolers. In fact, many of our members have their roots in LLL and Attachment Parenting. The natural continuum of this gentle and respectful approach to family led us on the path to unschooling.Unschoolers, in general, may find themselves shying away from the curriculum-talk and school-at-home approach of more traditional homeschool groups. This situation can make it challenging for local unschooling families, and those interested in unschooling, to find each other. OTBP’s mission is to bring local unschooling families out of the woodwork and give them the opportunity to connect and support one another, both online and in person.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Home Schooling Group- Northwest suburbs, Chicago, IL
Our group is Catholic in character, and consists of practicing Catholic home schooling families. Our primary purpose is to assist each other in building up the kingdom of God on earth by raising children who are strong in the practice and knowledge of their Catholic faith as taught by the Magisterium in union with the Holy Father.

Peoria Area Homeschoolers (PAH) –
The mission of Peoria Area Homeschoolers is to enhance the home education experience for homeschooling parent/guardians of all backgrounds in the Peoria area. PAH provides an opportunity for members to provide support, playdates, field trips, and networking opportunities to each other. This message board is intended to be a clearinghouse of information for homeschooling parents/guardians, or families who are thinking about homeschooling, in the Peoria Illinois area. “Chattiness” is accepted. The one thing they will insist upon is a friendly demeanor. No flaming or rude comments will be tolerated. Friendliness is contagious!
You may also sell used curriculum here. When asking for membership you will be asked to write a brief statement about your homeschooling experience or your intent to homeschool.
Positive Connections Homeschoolers- St Charles, IL    (MeetUp Group)
Our primary purpose is to support the unique intellectual, emotional and social needs of homeschooling families with gifted and twice exceptional children. We welcome people of all ages and abilities who strive for individualized, child-centered learning at home. We strive to be a truly open group… welcoming, accepting and uniting all.
Queen of All Saints Home Educators- Central IL
QUASHE is a group of Catholic Homeschooling families in the Springfield, Illinois Area and Sangamon County, as well as Central IL.
ROCK Homeschool Group (rockhs) –
R.O.C.K. is a Catholic Home School support group in DuPage County, Illinois, with the following purposes:
To provide support to Catholic parents who are or will be teaching their children at home.
To provide a resource center with information on curricula and teaching aids.
To provide information on our present legal rights and any relevant new legislation.
To provide opportunities for our children to interact with other Catholic home taught children through planned educational and recreational activities.

Doctrinal Statement:
We will be dedicated to following the Magisterium;
to what the Holy Catholic Church teaches;
and to the Holy Father.


Schaumburg  H.O.U.S.E- Schaumburg, IL
Schaumburg H.O.U.S.E. is a Chapter of Illinois H.O.U.S.E., a nonsectarian group of homeschoolers that supports all educational philosophies and family lifestyles. We facilitate activities, classes, cultural events, and general gatherings to help our children in making friends and being a part of a larger community.



Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois (HomeschoolGatherings) –
Welcome Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Homeschool Families! This is a NEW group intended to discuss ideas and outings. A place to connect with other parents looking for support, and helping with general homeschool questions.As a group they create ideas for projects, field trips, and inform other families about local event happenings.They welcome homeschool families of all ages, faith, and homeschooling styles. Even families that are thinking about Homeschooling. Members are encouraged to use this group to plan activities for themselves, families, and post items of interest for other homeschool families! 

Special Moms and Family Meetup Group- Elburn, IL     (MeetUp Group)
The Special Moms group helps support, understand and educate members of the families with children of special needs such as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD/NOS), and Autism, ADD, speech and language delays.

Special Needs – Unique Challenges-  Peoria, IL
This group is for parents homeschooling children with special needs in Central Illinois. This is a place to share resources and encourage each other on this journey.


Splendor of Truth Catholic Home Schooling-  Northeastern, IL
This group will be an email resource for members of the Splendor of Truth Catholic Home School group comprised of members from northeastern Illinois (Winthrop Harbor, Zion, Waukegan, Gurnee, Wadsworth, Russell, etc) and southeastern Wisconsin (Kenosha, Racine, Pleasant Prairie, Sturtevant, Mount Pleasant, etc.)




Springfield Illinois Homeschool Loop- Springfield IL
This is a loop for homeschoolers to post all the events, activities, discounts, and other things of interest to homeschoolers in the central Illinois area, specifically focused around the Springfield area.



St. Clair County Christian Home Educators- St Clair County, IL
This group is a Christian homeschool support group serving the Metro-East and surrounding areas in Southern Illinois. Established in 1989, they currently serve over 180+ families and welcome new members as agreed upon in our Statement of Faith.


St. Therese Catholic Home Educators-  Central IL
This group is specifically for members of the St. Therese Catholic Home Educators in Central Illinois.
This is our avenue in which we share ideas, get support, and update each other on outings.

They are homeschooling parents in Illinois, who have chosen the method of “Unschooling” as the means to teach their children. Unschooling has many definitions, such as “Child-led learning” and “learning from life’s experiences.” But no matter how you define it, they will discuss it on this. Join the list of Illinois families who are unschooling.

Westside H.O.U.S.E.-  LaGrange, IL
An inclusive, non-sectarian network of homeschool families who meet to enjoy activities together, share experiences and lend support to one another.  Their chapter serves families throughout Greater Chicago and the Western Suburbs.

Wheaton Area Homeschoolers- Wheaton , IL     (MeetUp Group)
This is a group for moms and kids to connect and create friendships with other Christian homeschoolers in the area. Our meetups include park and play dates, field trips, holiday parties, and volunteer opportunties.
Wheaton Area Preschool and Beyond Homeschoolers!- Wheaton, IL     (MeetUp Group)
This is a secular meet-up for parents of 3, 4 and 5 year olds that are planning on, or are, unschooling or homeschooling their children.


Wild Indigo Life Learners- Naperville, IL
Wild Indigo Life Learners is made up of unschooling families who have chosen to be facilitators in the life learning journey of their children. We wish to encourage our children to pursue those things that interest them and to provide the love and support they need on their individual journey of discovery.




Woodfield Area Learning Exchange- Woodfield, IL
This group sponsors drop-in park dates on a bi-weekly basis. Parent planning meetings take place at the first park date of the month. Non-sponsored individually sanctioned activities are posted on this announcement board as a courtesy for their members. They also have a parent meeting once a month at a local coffee house. These meetings are in the evening and provide a chance for the homeschooling parent to take a break from schooling and parenting, while mentoring and sharing with others. WELCOME!



MAAKOI is an informational support group only, run and organized by a homeschooling parents, and not to be received as professional counseling or legal services. Maakoi encourages all parents to make their own, best informed decisions for their personal families.

If you have a useful resource that you would like to see shared here with homeschooling families in and around the Chicago area, please email Maakoi at: mommy(at)nakitababy(dot)com.


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