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Colds…. suck – Nakita Baby
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Colds…. suck

Shouldn’t it be against the law or something for a mother to get a cold? I hate ’em.
Typically….. 98% of my years is spent healthy. I don’t really get sick. I could have five kids coughing down my throat, up my nose, in my eyeballs and I’ll stay healthy. But….. somehow….. just some stinkin’ stankin’ reason…. I have a stuffy nose. Blech.

So…. last week baby C had a horrible cough. She did not seem to have much congestion and the cough was g-d awful. Barking like a seal. Sounded like it hurt bad. And there were many ‘o’ coughs distributed directly into each and every possible pore of my body. She seemed to have accomplished 100% exposure. Normally….. would not have affected me one bit. Normally, would not have batted an eye. And why this time was different, I just don’t know. Perhaps my payback for not having a cold for a few years now? Don’t know. What I do know…. I don’t like it…. not one little bit.

Mothers should not be allowed to obtain illness of any sort. Doesn’t anyone get that we have too much to do to keep families in motion? Oye. This stuffy nose not only seems to affect how horrible my head feels, how drippy my nose is, how clogged my ears are, but also how well (or lack thereof) my brain is operating! This just cannot be so I tell you. This cold is making me angry now.

I cannot be feeling dizzy every time I blow a load of snot out of my head. I cannot be teased with momentary ability to breath only to be onslotted with another dosage of complete and utter snottage. I cannot feel like I want to crawl into bed with Netflix and my blanky when I have to take care of five kiddos, hubby, groceries, classes, car, laundry, house, etc. Ugh. So much to do, so little time, as it is!!! How on earth can it be that all this must still happen with a majorly snotty nose as well?!?!

It’s 6:50pm and it feels like midnight. My kids are raring to go and I’m dying to stop. I listen intently to those who are well and wonder if I will ever feel that wonderful again? It feels like a dooming life sentence and me-no-likey! I douse myself with supplements, herbs, teas, water. Likely overdosing as if that will bring on good health quicker. I don’t care the logic of the body “fixing” itself in due time. I want the quick fix now. I don’t know how folks do this several times a year, let alone even once per year. I would much prefer to keep my original track record please. I’m happier never being even remotely sick, thanks.

Now, if you wouldn’t excuse me…. I have to blow my nose AGAIN.

Colds…. S.U.C.K!



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