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CM Jaloo

IMG_1225Our littlest princess of the family is quite the musician through and through. Music has moved her soul since she was in my womb! She was born to jamming 50’s and 60’s rock! Per her choice she spends about 80% of her day surrounded by music and she finds music in EVERYthing! Even the sound of my treadmill each morning! I’ll be up there getting my jog in and she’ll come and dance to the rhythm of my run and machine! Her pure joy flows in, out and a round with music! You can’t help but feel happy just peeking at her amazing video snipets!!!

All of her little clips can be found on her:
Facebook – CM Jaloo
Instagram – cmjaloo
Twitter – @cmjaloo
YouTube: CM Jaloo

Enjoy! And feel free to like, love and share her joy!!!


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