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Christmas Best

This year the kids approached me about my general sense of ba-hum-bug over the holiday. It’s not that I hate Christmas at all, but I do tend to feel overly daunted by the general sense/need to have to buy-buy-buy. That in and of itself tends to really ruin the whole magic of the season for me. It really always has and it’s only in the last few years has that changed ever-so-slightly. I have veered more towards hand-made gifts and buying less, but also had the kids celebrate with grandparents on other days than Christmas day itself. This ‘spread’ of the holiday really brought more of a ‘season’ feel to Christmas and allowed the kids to have more special one-on-one with each of their local grandparents. It has worked nicely.

This year the kids approached me with the same question and they proposed that we all make hand-made gifts for each other and skip the buying. I was elated. With the upcoming adventure in the near future, I was really dreading receiving a bunch of ‘stuff’ that would either be thrown out, sold, or given away prior to us leaving. So this was a really exciting idea for me, and even more so because the kids came up with it themselves.

So this year, the kids got to do their traditional cookie baking with their grandmother and exchanged presents. They then had time with their grandfather. A nice meal together and gift exchanging. (We also only handmade gifts for the grandparents too!) Christmas Eve we enjoyed the day together, exchanged our handmade gifts, made personal pizzas together and enjoyed some movies together. It was perfect. Christmas morning the kids opened Santa’s gifts and we had a beautiful brunch together before SBJ needed to leave for work. The rest of the day the kids and I spent in a LOST (the TV show) marathon. We had a blast in our jammies, playing with and admiring all of our new gifts, reflecting on the holiday and new traditions, and just enjoying each others time.

It truly was one of the best holidays we’ve had yet. I love when new traditions are discovered and how much joy it can bring to a family unit as a whole. Often individuals need to go with the flow or might feel their personal opinions or feelings are being compromised for the sake of the whole. Finding a new family tradition that honors everyone’s whole and is for the greater of the family unit is something to be cherished!

Happy New Year!!!





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